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2015 Viking Corn Yield Results

1st Place: D91-06RL, 256.5 bu/A, Martin County Corn Growers
1st Place: D52-05RL, 228.4 bu/A, Brown County Corn Growers
2nd Place: D34-95RL, 220 bu/A, U of M Central
2nd Place: D71-00RL, 213.9 bu/A, ISU Crop Testing, Nashua
3rd Place: T51-01R, 216.3 bu/A, Dakota/Rice County Corn Growers
4th Place: T51-01R, 260.7 bu/A, WISO FIRST Trials, Arlington
4th Place: A81-07R, 243 bu/A, U of M South, Late R.M.
1st Place: 49-09N, 242.7 bu/A, IANC FIRST Trials, Iowa Falls
2nd Place: 42-92N, 207 bu/A, U of M North
3rd Place: 72-04N, 217.9 bu/A, Freeborn County, Minn.
5th Place: 89-99N Art, 208.5 bu/A, IANO FIRST Trials, Luverne, Minn.
1st Place: 60-01N, 219.6 bu/A, Viking Seed Trials, 12 Location Trait Test
3rd Place: 58-98N, 207.1 bu/A, Viking Seed Trials, 12 Location Conventional Test
1st Place: 89-99N Art, 212.2 bu/A, Viking Seed Trials, 12 Location Conventional Test

Grower Testimonials:

Trimont, Minnesota: “Viking corn did very well. I had it up north on a more variable, gravelly farm, and it did over 200 bushels per acre across the farm. And it came out dry.”

Estherville, Iowa: “63-05N was my best corn, averaging over 200 bushels per acre. 60-01N was excellent. My neighbor ran out of corn and planted some out of my shed, and now he and his dad want to buy a bunch for next year. I had one field where it averaged 197 bushels per acre and it was uniform across the entire field. I have never seen that on that field before.”

Sleepy Eye, Minnesota: “89-99N Art was put on my light ground—it’s sand, similar to beach sand. The hybrid yielded 166 bushels per acre with no irrigation. I usually get 80-90 bushels per acre if I’m lucky.”

Dundas, Minnesota: Commenting on 51-95N, “I’m amazed with this corn. It’s standing well even after the wind we had and it’s easy to combine. The yield monitor is reading 224-226 bushels per acre at 15.8-16.5 percent moisture.”

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