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2015 Viking Soybean Yield Results

1st Place: 1776R2N, 69.1 bu/A, MNSC FIRST Trials, Tracy
1st Place: 2055R2N, 70.3 bu/A, MNSO FIRST Trials, Kasson
2nd Place, 2301R2N, 70.1 bu/A, Martin County Soybean Growers
3rd Place, 2055R2N, 67.7 bu/A, MNSO FIRST Trials, Summary
1st Place, 2282R2N, 59.9 bu/A, WISO FIRST Trials, Watertown
3rd Place, 2301R2N, 68.6 bu/A, SDSE FIRST Trials, Chancellor
2nd Place, 1909R2N, 84.7 bu/A, U of M Soybean Trials, Southern Locations
4th Place, 2301R2N, 71.6 bu/A, ISU Crop Testing, Nashua
1st Place, 1776R2N, 67.5 bu/A, Farm Test Plot, Wells, Minn.
3rd Place, 2282R2N, 65.7 bu/A, Farm Test Plot, Gordonsville, Minn.
1st Place, 1522R2N, 67.3 bu/A, Viking Seed Testing, Austin, Minn.
1st Place, 2299N, 61.3 bu/A, Viking Seed Testing, 6 Location Average

Grower Testimonials:

New Hampton, Iowa: “The Viking 2000R2N was the best-yielding bean on my whole farm, and I bought beans from six different companies. They yielded 64 bushels per acre on average. I will definitely be ordering more of the 2000R2N for next year.”

Caledonia, Minnesota:
“I planted 2000R2N on second-year bean ground on May 11. They yielded between 66-68 bushels per acre and we were much dryer. We had less than 0.5 inches of rain over 30 days in the middle of the summer.”

Rochester, Minnesota:
“My Viking 1522R2N beans had a reported 45 percent hail loss (according to the insurance adjuster) and they still went 50 bushels per acre. I am very happy with those beans.”

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