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2017 Open House—Solutions for Regenerative Agriculture

Join us at the Albert Lea Seed House to enjoy great speakers and take advantage of deep discounts.

Come for the full day or even a single session—we look forward to seeing you here.


DAY ONE: Wednesday, November 15
Viking and NorthStar Corn and Soybeans

  • 8:30: Viking Corn & Soybeans Mac Ehrhardt & Jake Hansen, Albert Lea Seed; Casey Staloch, AgriGuardian. Conventional Performance/Product Overview • Research, UltraPure & Pure • Foliar Yield Enhancement
  • 9:30: NorthStar Genetics Lyle Marcus, Mac Ehrhardt, Jake Hansen, Alan Muhs. Northstar Partnership & Product • RR2Xtend & Enlist Soybeans
  • 10:30: 2017 Review: RR2Xtend & Palmer Amaranth Meaghan Anderson, Iowa State University Extension
  • 11:15: Cover Cropping in a Corn/Soybean Rotation Sarah Carlson, Practical Farmers of Iowa
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 1:30: Corn & Soybean Markets 2018 Kurt Barth, Brock Associates
  • 3:00: Non-GMO Markets LaVerne Klecker, SunOpta

DAY TWO: Thursday, November 16
Cover Crops, Small Grains, Forages

  • 8:30: Viking Alfalfa Mike Velde, Alfalfa Researcher, Legacy Seed
  • 9:30: Sudans, Millets & Warm-Season Forages Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 10:30: Maximizing Oat, Barley & Wheat Yields Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota
  • 11:30: Marketing Small Grains Jessie VanderPoel, Grain Millers
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 1:30: Cover Crops & Soil Health Ray Archuleta, Soil Health Consulting, LLC
  • 3:00: Agronomics & Profitability of Hybrid Winter Rye Claus Nymand, KWS

DAY THREE: Friday, November 17
Organic Farming

  • 8:30: Viking Organic Seed & Research Elia Romano & Mac Ehrhardt, Albert Lea Seed
  • 9:30: New Leafy/Floury Silage Hybrids Dr. Francis Glenn, Glenn Seed
  • 11:30: Growth in Organic Markets & Imports Eric Jackson, Chief Executive, Pipeline Foods
  • 12:30: Organic Lunch
  • 1:30: Organic Weed Control Joel Gruver, Western Illinois University
  • 3:00: Forages for Dairy Production Brad Heins, University of Minnesota


Kurt Barth, Chief Financial Officer at Brock Associates, uses his more than 25 years of experience in financial markets and business acumen to design individualized plans for clients that integrate market outlook, cash flow needs, on-farm storage analysis, debt loads and other factors. He is a botanist by education, earning his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in 1979.
Ray Archuleta is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist with the Soil Science Society of America and has over 30 years’ experience as a soil conservationist, water quality specialist and conservation agronomist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). After his retirement from the NRCS in 2017, Ray founded Soil Health Consulting, LLC and Soil Health Academy to teach biomimicry strategies and agroecology principles for improving soil function on a national scale. Ray also owns and operates a 150-acre farm near Seymour, Missouri, with his wife and family.
Joel Gruver is an Associate Professor of Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture at Western Illinois University, and the Director of the WIU Organic Research Program. He has been teaching and researching organic soil management for over 15 years. His research focuses on cover crop management, reducing tillage intensity and applications of precision technologies in organic grain production.

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