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Dual-Purpose Hybrids Deliver Big Grain, Silage Yields

As more consumer-facing dairy brands, like Chobani® and Dannon®, pledge to go GMO-free, the cows that produce that GMO-free milk have to be fed. That requires Non-GMO corn, a large portion of which will be harvested and fed as silage. This creates a growing need for seed corn of known genetic purity that is well-suited for either grain or silage production.

That is one reason we’ve developed our Viking Pure dual-purpose silage hybrids. Simply put, these are grain hybrids that also produce excellent quality and tonnage for silage. Why dual-purpose hybrids? Because grain has energy, and since these are very high-yielding grain hybrids, you will get a lot of grain in your silage and a higher-energy feed.

These hybrids have an optimal grain-to-stover ratio and excellent standability. Four of these dual-purpose silage hybrids listed below received the PURE designation—indicating that the seed is guaranteed 99% free of GMOs.

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