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Emergency Forages & Winterkill

We are getting reports that many fields of alfalfa have been winter-killed. This is very bad news, as hay supplies are already historically low.
Below are some helpful articles from Universities & Extension Services that should answer some pressing questions on best management practices with injured alfalfa fields and/or emergency forage options.

University of Wisconsin:
Maximizing Forage in Winter Injured & Winter Killed Stands, 2013

University of Minnesota:
Emergency Forage Options for July Planting

University of Minnesota:
How Emergency Forage Crops Grow

University of Minnesota:
Yield & Feed Value of Annual Emergency Forage Crops

University of Wisconsin:
Evaluating & Managing Alfalfa Stands for Winter Injury

University of Minnesota:
Evaluate Winter Injury in Alfalfa

Iowa State:
Evaluate Forage Stands for Winter Injury

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