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Everyone Benefits From NorthStar Partnership

We are excited to announce an agreement with NorthStar Genetics of Wanamingo, MN, to market and distribute Viking Brand Hybrid seed corn. NorthStar Genetics, the largest privately-held seed company in Minnesota, will market Viking Brand Hybrids to corn growers in Minnesota, NorthDakota, and South Dakota. For existing customers of Viking Seed Corn, nothing will change. You will continue to buy your seed directly from us, or from one of our dealers, as you have in the past.

This is a positive arrangement for both companies. The Viking Brand has been in our family for four decades, and we are very pleased to have NorthStar Genetics as our distribution partner. NorthStar’s primary dealer network serves a geographic area where the Viking Brand currently has little impact, and NorthStar has a wealth of hard-earned knowledge about the needs of northern growers. Viking has strong relationships with all of the major trait and genetic suppliers, including Monsanto and Corn States. By combining these strengths, this partnership will benefit both of our companies and the customers we serve. The NorthStar team will be involved in varietal selection to ensure they have varieties that are well suited for the customers they serve.

NorthStar Genetics is a locally and independently owned seed company that has been in business since 1996. They will begin distribution of Viking Brand Hybrids in 2013 through their existing dealer network and continue to recruit dealers in corn and soybean growing regions.

We will continue to sell seed corn, and Viking Brand Hybrids will be a premier product line. We look forward to a productive partnership and are excited about the opportunities this will bring to our customers, both old and new.

NorthStar/Viking Partnership
Dan Hogstad, President of NorthStar Genetics; Andy Beyer, Chairman on NorthStar Genetics; and Mac Ehrhardt, President of Albert Lea Seed/Viking Hybrids.

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