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Markets Emerging for Transitional Organic Grain

There is no doubt that one of the most financially challenging aspects of becoming a certified organic producer is the three-year transition period. You are not able to market your crops at the organic premium price but still have to contend with increased weed pressure, new weed management systems, potentially reduced yields and other agronomic challenges unique to organic operations. Historically, producers in transition to organic would either sell grain on the conventional market or try an alternative management system during the transition years (for example, planting hay for those three years).

Fortunately, all that is beginning to change! As of 2016, emerging markets are accepting transitional organic grain and are paying a premium for it. It is not clear yet how the end products will be labeled on store shelves (for example, by an additional label) or how a potential label will work. Safe to say the demand for organic food remains strong and the time has never been better to begin your transition process towards organic production.


Looking for 3,000+ transition soybean acres in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. Premiums available at $4 over CBOT/ clean weight.
Tim Daley: 319-277-4277

Looking for transitional oats, hard red spring wheat and hard red winter wheat.
Transitional Oats: Lykke Westgren - 952-983-1299
Transitional Hard Red Wheat: Jessie VanderPoel - 952-983-1277


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