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As we work to provide more organic farmers with a greater selection of seed choices, we’ve expanded both the number of products we offer and the maturity range of both our corn hybrids and soybean varieties.

Our Viking corn hybrids are now adapted to six maturity zones, ranging from northern Minnesota into Missouri and Virginia. We now offer Viking soybeans ranging from the 0.6 to the 3.0 maturity group, which takes us from North Dakota through Kansas, the I-states and Pennsylvania.

Organic livestock producers looking for quality silage hybrids will find two classes of silage hybrids available for 2018. For the first time, we are launching Viking Leafy-Floury silage-specific hybrids. The Viking Organic Floury-Leafy Silage Hybrids for 2018 story has more information about these unique hybrids. We have also expanded our selection of Viking Grain/Silage dual-purpose hybrids.


We have not overlooked the growing forage, cover crop and small grain needs of our organic farmers. We expect to have ample supplies of organic smooth and meadow brome grass seed, organic purple-top turnips and other brassicas, organic winter barley, Aroostook winter rye and soft red winter wheat. Other winter rye options are detailed in the New Winter Ryes Deliver Big yields story.

The demand for quality organic corn, soybean, small grain, forage and cover crop seed continues to increase. As a trusted provider of organic seed for more than 20 years, we will continue to expand our seed selection to help meet that demand.

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