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New Ultra-Pure Choices for 2018

Last year, Albert Lea Seed launched two new seed labels—Viking Pure and Viking Ultra-Pure—that guarantee the purity of the seed you plant. We took this step because we understand that purity is very important to organic consumers. Consequently, many organic grain buyers demand grain that is virtually GMO and GE free. Unless you start with guaranteed clean seed, you can’t meet the demands of the market.

With their 99.9% GMO-free guarantee, our Ultra-Pure hybrids have generated great interest across the country. Now in our second year of this effort, we’ve added more Viking Ultra-Pure and Pure corn hybrids to our 2018 lineup, and will be producing those hybrids in greater volume. In addition to guaranteed purity, these hybrids also bring elite corn genetics unique to Viking organic seed.

Expanded options
For 2018, we’ve expanded our Ultra-Pure offerings to include Viking organic soybeans. Six select varieties of Viking organic soybeans, targeted to the food and dual-purpose markets, are now guaranteed 99.9% pure.

Finally, we’ve invested in an alfalfa purification and production program that will allow us to bring Viking organic Ultra-Pure alfalfa seed to you starting in 2019.

As part of our exclusive focus on non-GMO and organic seed, we will continue to expand our seed selection and purity program to meet the needs of a growing organic movement.

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