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NorthStar Partnership Off to Strong Start

By Mac Ehrhardt, Co-owner

As we have said from the start of our transition, we value all streams of agriculture and, above all, we are pro-farmer. That’s why we entered our partnership with NorthStar Genetics—to provide our customers with a lineup of top-quality traited seed options. We are very pleased with how well NorthStar has been received by our Viking customers. Our 2017 results far exceeded our expectations, thanks to the quality of NorthStar Genetics seed and the willingness of our customers to trust us and switch brands. So, thanks to all of you. We hope you’re having a good year.

All the traited seed we sell now comes in a NorthStar Genetics bag. Another reason we chose NorthStar is because we have been very pleased with the options NorthStar gives our farm customers. As has been well documented, this has not been a year free of controversy in the seed industry. That’s where NorthStar comes into play. Yes, they do sell Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans, but they also have a strong lineup of LibertyLink® beans and have Enlist soybeans in the pipeline and ready to go when final approval is granted by China.

Interest in the Enlist system—which features stacked resistance to glyphosate and 2,4-D—is expected to be high, as farmers look for a new weapon in the battle against herbicide-resistant weeds. We anticipate approval for the Enlist system prior to the 2018 planting season.

Demand has also grown for LibertyLink soybeans. They provide a solid alternative to the Roundup Ready system, and good control of some difficult-to-control weeds. If this sounds like a fit for your agronomic program, take a look at NorthStar’s strong lineup of LibertyLink varieties.

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