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Organic Alfalfa seed? We Have It!

Whether grown as a high-value cash crop, fed as the essential foundation of an organic livestock operation or plowed down to feed the next crop, the quality of the organic alfalfa seed you plant is vitally important. We have several excellent organic alfalfa seed options available at Albert Lea Seed.

Organic Appaloosa


• Very high-yielding low-crown set alfalfa blend
• Excellent quality with a high leaf-to-stem ratio
• Excellent choice for haying or grazing (tolerant to wheel and hoof traffic)
• Very good winter hardiness and disease resistance
• Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI-approved)

Organic Hardy


• A very winter-hardy alfalfa variety (WSI 2.2)
• Good for short haying rotations on heavy soils or long rotations on drier ground
• Good inexpensive plowdown option
• Limited disease resistance, avoid wet ground
• Coated with APEX Green Hydroloc Seed Coating (OMRI-approved)

Organic Nitrogen Brand Alfalfa


• Alfalfa variety bred for maximum 1-year biomass and nitrogen production
• Good leaf retention and forage quality
• High fall dormancy rating (FD=7)
• Best used on well-drained soils as a single-season hay crop or plowdown
• Will likely winterkill in the Upper Midwest
• Coated with APEX Green Hydroloc Seed Coating (OMRI-approved)

Organic Viking 340M


• High-quality multileaf alfalfa
• Good all-around disease resistance
• Very good yields, quick recovery
• Good choice for all classes of livestock
• Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI-approved)

Organic Charger


• Fast establishment and recovery
• Good choice for one- or two-year hay rotations
• Very winter-hardy, limited disease resistance
• Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI-approved)

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