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The unprecedented amount of rain & cooler than normal weather have left many crop fields waterlogged and unsuitable for planting any insured crops this year.  This is certainly a frustrating situation for our growers; we have talked to a multitude of farmers from the upper-Midwest in the same predicament. 
We have many folks asking us the same question: "What can I plant?".  The short answer is : "It depends!"

We have put together a helpful list of resources to guide you in your decision making process with Prevented Plant acres.  Please call us for current seed availability & pricing as it is changing from day to day: 800-352-5247

Albert Lea Seed Prevented Planting Resource Sheet
Albert Lea Seed Prevented Planting Resource Sheet

Prevented Planting & Cover Crops
Cover Crops to Improve Soil in Prevented Planting Fields (NRCS)
2013 Cover Crop Registration & List (MN FSA)
Prevented Planting & Cover Crop Considerations (IA State)
Cover Crop Seeding Rate Sheet (NRCS)
Prevented Plant Seeding Information (MN NRCS)
Delayed & Prevented Planting Provisions (IA State)
Summer Annual Grasses for Prevented Plant
Prevented Planting: Lots of Options (UMN)
Crop Insurance & Prevented Planting (UMN)
Delayed Planting, Prevented Planting and Replanting Crop Insurance Coverage (IA State)
Economic Impact of Delayed and Prevented Planting (IA State)
Flooding Impact and Crop Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (IA State)
Forage and Cover Crop Considerations for Delayed Planting and Flooded Sites (IA State)
Prevented Planting (USDA)
Prevented Plant Resources (Cover Crop Solutions)

Emergency Forage Options
Emergency Forage Options for July Planting (UMN)
How Emergency Forage Crops Grow (UMN)
Yield & Feed Value of Annual Emergency Forage Crops (UMN)
Organic Dairy Forages: Focus on Summer Annuals (UMN)

Cover Crop Basics
Midwest Cover Crop Council
Midwest Cover Crop Council (Cover Crop Selection Tool)
Managing Cover Crops Profitably (SARE)
Cover Crop Solutions
Minnesota Crop Crop Business Directory

Late Planting of Corn/Soybeans
Late Planting and Replanting Corn (IA State)
Late Planting and Replanting Corn part 2 (IA State)
Late Planting of Soybeans (UMN)

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