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Viking Delivers a Winning Organic Lineup

By Mac Ehrhardt, Co-owner

Sometimes, one superstar number really shines in a given year. That’s a good thing. For our farmers, however, it may be even better when we have several strong performers. That’s the case this year, as our lineup of organic corn hybrids and soybean varieties turned in strong performances at university and private trials throughout the region. That means more quality choices for our organic customers.

Here are some of the results from a few of our top performers that you’ll want to consider for 2017.

Viking O.51-04GS Corn

#1 Silage Hybrid at University of Minnesota and Michigan State!
Grain/Silage Hybrid

MSU Early Silage Trial (three-location average)
33,709 lbs milk/acre (#1 out of 34 hybrids!)
3,428 lbs milk/ton
9.7 dry tons/acre

University of Minnesota South East Early (Rochester, MN)
34,468 lbs milk/acre (#1 out of 27 hybrids!)
13.7 dry tons/acre

University of Wisconsin South Central Early
35,400 lbs milk/acre
3,470 lbs milk/ton
10.2 dry tons/acre

Viking O.58-98GS Corn

Yield, Stress Tolerance and Adaptability

University of Wisconsin (North Central Zone)

30,800 lbs milk/acre
3,300 lbs milk/ton

Michigan State University
Early Silage (<104RM)
31,579 lbs milk/acre
3,429 lbs milk/ton

Why do some Viking hybrids receive the GS designation?

Simply put, these are organic dual-purpose grain hybrids that also produce exceptional quality silage. We test our hybrids, in the field and in the lab, for silage quantity and quality against leading silage hybrid genetics at similar maturities. Only those hybrids that show consistently excellent tonnage and quality get the GS designation.

Why GS for silage? Because grain has energy. Our GS hybrids are very high-yielding grain hybrids. As a result, you’re going to get a lot of grain in your silage, which equates to higher energy. GS hybrids have an optimal grain-to-stover ratio and have excellent standability compared to low-lignin specialty silage hybrids.


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