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Viking Organic Corn, Beans Produce Top Yields

In university trials and farmers’ fields, our organic corn hybrids and soybean varieties stood out from the pack. The results confirm our decision to focus exclusively on non-GMO and organic corn, soybean and alfalfa seed. They also speak to our experience in organic agriculture and our commitment to quality seed for organic producers. The Organic Viking corn and soybean line is the longest standing brand on the market for a reason.

Viking O.84-95UP

Robust, Healthy, High-Yielding

University of Minnesota Central Zone Early
224 bu/A over three locations

University of Wisconsin North Central Zone ORGANIC
196 bu/A (statistically higher than trial average of 187 bu/A)

Michigan State University
Early Grain Trials
214 bu/A over three locations (statistically higher than trial average of 203 bushels per acre)

“I have never had my yield monitor hit 270 bushels per acre before. We were harvesting a field of O.84-95UP and over half a mile it averaged 220 bushels per acre.”
—Certified organic producer; Glencoe, MN

Viking O.2188AT12N Soybeans

A ‘Whole Package’ Clear-Hilum Soybean, O.2399AT12N But Earlier
67.1 bu/A (one of the top yielders in Viking four-location replicated testing)

University of Wisconsin

Southern Zone (two-location average)
80 bu/A (trial mean 78 bu/A)

University of Minnesota
Southern Zone (three-location average)
65.4 bu/A (109% of trial mean)

“The O.2188AT12N soybeans had a whole-farm average of 46 bushels. That includes no-till acres where the beans were not as good. We had fields that went over 60 bushels. I will be ordering all 450 acres of beans from you this year.”
—Hudson, NY

“Our O.2188AT12N averaged over 60 bushels across the entire farm. The monitor was hitting 70 plus in places. I planted them on both our rolled down rye fields and our plowed fields. Our rolled down rye beans were within five bushels of our plowed fields.”
—Cuba City, WI


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