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Viking PURE and ULTRA-PURE Hybrids for Non-GMO Markets

For those of you who grow grain for a Non-GMO grain purchaser, the purity of the seed you’re planting is critically important. At Viking, we understand that you can’t grow Non-GMO grain if the seed you plant already contains high GMO levels. For that reason, we offer select Viking hybrids with two guaranteed purity levels—PURE and ULTRA-PURE.

We’re also expanding our seed purity project to include soybeans for 2018 and alfalfa in 2019. Currently, four purification projects are underway to create the breeder seed for our Ultra-Pure soybean and alfalfa lines—six soybean and two alfalfa lines. Each plant grown in these projects is tissue tested, and if it tests positive for GMOs, it’s pulled out of the ground.

Of course, we start with great, high-producing soybean and alfalfa varieties. All of this is aimed at producing seed that can be purchased with complete confidence in its purity and performance.

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