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Viking Seed Launches Pure & Ultra-Pure Labels

We understand that organic farmers are concerned about the genetic purity of the seed they plant. In addition to all the other steps we take to prevent the adventitious presence of GMOs (or GE) in our seed, this year we are launching two new levels of guaranteed seed purity in Viking Seed corn.

By stringently screening seedstock and isolating dedicated production, Viking is able to offer seed corn with two levels of guaranteed purity. Viking Corn carrying the ULTRA PURE label will be guaranteed 99.9% free of GMOs. Viking Corn carrying the PURE label will be guaranteed to be 99% free of GMOs. Viking Corn not carrying either of these labels will not have guaranteed seed purity.

Viking ULTRA PURE Organic Seed Corn

We’re proud to offer these three best-in-class organic grain hybrids with our ULTRA PURE label. When you plant these three hybrids, you can be confident the seed you’re putting in the ground is 99.9% free of GMOs or GE traits. We guarantee it. Not only are they pure, but they offer the best combination of agronomics and yield we have seen in organic grain hybrids at this maturity.

NEW: Viking O.88-91UP Corn

Outstanding Yield and Performance in the Northern Corn Belt
99.9% GMO-Free
91-Day C.R.M.

  • Highest-yielding organic grain hybrid we have sold in this maturity
  • Widely adapted across the northern Corn Belt
  • Excellent drought-stress tolerance with great western adaptation

NEW: Viking O.84-95UP Corn

Robust, Healthy, High-Yielding
99.9% GMO-Free
95-Day C.R.M.

  • Simply the best all-around 95-day organic grain hybrid we have ever sold
  • Good overall plant health and very good test weight
  • Widely adapted in 95-day corn country across the U.S.

NEW: Viking O.86-03UP Corn
Outstanding All-Around Performance
99.9% GMO-Free
103-Day C.R.M.

  • Outstanding grain yield potential
  • Very good stalk and root strength and fall intactness for extended harvest window
  • Broadly adapted to a wide range of soil types and populations

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