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Ray Yokiel: He Was Organic Before Organic Was

This year, Ray Yokiel will plant his 32nd organic crop. The fact is, Ray was organic before the organic movement existed. He inherited his environmentally friendly approach to farming from his father, who purchased the land Ray farms today in 1956.

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Organic Alfalfa seed? We Have It!

Whether grown as a high-value cash crop, fed as the essential foundation of an organic livestock operation or plowed down to feed the next crop, the quality of the organic alfalfa seed you plant is vitally important.

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Roundup ready 2 Xtend™ System Update

(Viking 2099RXN and 2110RXN) With China approving Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, but the EPA still reviewing the herbicide developed for the production system, we’ve fielded questions about herbicide options for these soybeans, pending EPA label approval.

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Committed to Midwestern Oats

By Jessie VanderPoel, Grain Millers There is a lot to love about oats these days. You can’t go to a restaurant that doesn’t offer oats in some form or another. They’re nutritious, naturally gluten-free and a great crop to have in your rotation from an environmental standpoint.

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