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Albert Lea Seed Announces Business Changes

Albert Lea Seed, a family-owned, Minnesota-based company supplying seed to American farms for nearly 100 years, today announced it is transitioning its Viking Seed corn and soybeans line to a 100 percent non-traited (i.e. non-GMO) brand, and becoming a distributor of traited seed for NorthStar Genetics.

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August Soybean Lookout—White Mold

White mold—also know as Sclerotinia stem rot—is produced by the fungi Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and can cause significant yield loss. It is more prevalent during cool, wet growing conditions especially after canopy is reached.

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Stripe Rust Detected in IA Winter Wheat

We recently visited an organic seed grower in Jefferson, IA who reported his field of winter wheat looked diseased and yellowed across the whole 130 acres. After visiting the field, taking samples, and conferring with University of Minnesota professionals, we identified Stripe Rust as the culprit.

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Ray Yokiel: He Was Organic Before Organic Was

This year, Ray Yokiel will plant his 32nd organic crop. The fact is, Ray was organic before the organic movement existed. He inherited his environmentally friendly approach to farming from his father, who purchased the land Ray farms today in 1956.

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