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Bi-Color Sweet Corn

Revelation (SE-Su-Sh2)

66 day C.R.M.

A bicolor sweet corn. Exceptional eating quality. Good emergence in cold soils. Attractive husk package. Good plant standability.
Treated; Not suitable for Organic Production.

Temptation (SE)

69 day C.R.M.

A bicolor sweet corn. Early maturity. Excellent sweetness & flavor. Great tip fill and super reliable. With all it has to offer you will be tempted to plant only this variety.
Treated; Not for Organic Production.

Peaches & Cream (SE)

72 day C.R.M.

This early variety is extra tender, extra sweet and with flavor that is incomparable. The kernels run about 80% yellow and 20% white. Stays in edible condition longer than any other variety.
Treated; Not for Organic Production

Ambrosia (SE)

75 day C.R.M.

This might be the best tasting and sweetest corn on the market. It is the bi-color counterpart to Bodacious. Tolerant of Stewart's Wilt. One of the sweetest corns made.
Treated; Not for Organic Production.

Providence (synergistic)

80 day C.R.M.

Similary to Serendipity with better rust resistance.  Providence features long, well filled, slightly tapered ears and a medium green husk.  Suitable for roadside stands as well as local markets & home gardens.  8 in. ears, 14-18 rows.
Treated; Not for Organic Production.

Delectable (SE)

84 day C.R.M.

Great main season bi-color with the SE breeding for excellent taste. Large well filled ears with a dark green husk on a 7 to 8 foot tall plant. Delectable exhibits a wide range of adaptability and ver-satility with wonderful tenderness and taste. Short haul shipping, home garden, and fresh market.
Treated; Not for Organic Production.
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