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Bi-Color Sweet Corn

Revelation (SE-Su-Sh2)

66 day C.R.M.

A bicolor sweet corn. Exceptional eating quality. Good emergence in cold soils. Attractive husk package. Good plant standability.

Sweet Chorus (SB)

67 day C.R.M.

A bicolor sweet corn. Early maturity and good ear size. Excellent sweetness & flavor. Strong husk cover. High yield potential. Strong seed vigor.

Temptation (SE)

69 day C.R.M.

A bicolor sweet corn. Early maturity. Excellent sweetness & flavor. Great tip fill and super reliable. With all it has to offer you will be tempted to plant only this variety.

Peaches & Cream (SE)

72 day C.R.M.

This early variety is extra tender, extra sweet and with flavor that is incomparable. The kernels run about 80% yellow and 20% white. Stays in edible condition longer than any other variety. 

Ambrosia (SE)

75 day C.R.M.

This might be the best tasting and sweetest corn on the market. It is the bi-color counterpart to Bodacious. Tolerant of Stewart's Wilt. One of the sweetest corns made.

Optimum (SB)

78 day C.R.M.

A bicolor sweet corn. One of the best performing hybrids. Scrumptious and tantalizing are just two words that describe the superior eating quality. The ears are encased in a fancy protective package with dependable fill. A winner all the way around. Known for its great taste. 

Precious Gem (SE)

80 day C.R.M.

Tender tasty bi-color for the roadside stand and home use. A big 9-inch ear with 16 to 20 rows of yellow and white kernels.

Lancelot (SE)

82 day C.R.M.

Excellent tasting — easy snap ears and very tender kernels make this bicolor a good choice for shipping, roadside stand and home garden. Very tolerant to Stewart's wilt, rust and drought. May be too tender for mechanical harvest.

Serendipity (Triplesweet)

82 day C.R.M.

TripleSweet varieties deliver more consistent, long-lasting sweetness. As a main season variety, the Serendipity features long, well-filled, slightly tapered ears and a medium-green husk. Suitable for roadside as well as local markets and home gardens. 8 inch ears, 14-18 rows.

BC 0805 (SE)

82 day C.R.M.

This bi-color variety has Bt insect protection from corn earworm and other lepidopteran larvae.  This 'attribute' insect protection combined with good plant health makes BC0805 a good all-around performer.  It is filled to the tip with sweet and tender kernels to satisfy the most discerning sweet corn customers.  The 25,000 seed bags plant approximately one acre.  Limited quantity, order early!

Not Suitable for Organic Production

Delectable (SE)

84 day C.R.M.

Great main season bi-color with the SE breeding for excellent taste. Large well filled ears with a dark green husk on a 7 to 8 foot tall plant. Delectable exhibits a wide range of adaptability and ver-satility with wonderful tenderness and taste. Short haul shipping, home garden, and fresh market.
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