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Hard Red Spring Wheat

Hard Red Spring (HRS) Wheat used to be confined to Western dryland states but new disease-resistant varieties and improved management techniques have made spring wheat a viable and profitable crop in the Upper Midwest. HRS Wheat is planted early in the spring and yields higher test weight and higher protein grain than Hard Red Winter Wheat. We source high yielding, good standing, and disease resistant varieties from University and private breeding programs to maximize returns for growers in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.
Spring Wheat Agronomic Basics

Shelly Spring Wheat

Top Yielder!

  • Top yield, shorter height, widely adaptable
  • Yields equal to Prosper but with slightly higher protein grain
  • Later maturing than Prevail or Forefront
  • Good disease resistance package
  • 2016 University of Minnesota release

Bolles Spring Wheat

Yield + Quality

  • Unprecedented protein and yield combination
  • Highest baking quality rating
  • Excellent leaf rust resistance
  • 2015 U of MN release

Lang-MN Spring Wheat

  • Good combination of yield, quality and disease resistance
  • Medium maturity like Prosper
  • Good grain quality for milling, high protein, and test weight
  • Medium-tall height with better standability than Prosper
  • Good disease resistance package very good resistance to fusarium head blight, leaf rust and stripe rust
  • Released by U of MN

Einkorn Heirloom Spring Wheat

  • Diploid type, the oldest of the ancient wheats
  • Smallest seed size of the ancient wheats
  • Higher protein, beta carotene, lutein, and micronutrients compared to modern wheat
  • Because of lower gluten levels, bread made with einkorn flour will not rise as much as that made with modern wheat
  • Flavorful!
  • Though it is not gluten free, some with sensitivity to gluten find that they are able to digest einkorn
  • Low yield, but can survive on poor, marginal soils
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