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Native Grass Varieties

At Albert Lea Seed, we carry a wide selection of native grass species for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), CREP seeding, filter strip plantings, and landscaping projects. Our native seed comes from Midwest growers and processors and is well adapted to the growing conditions of the Upper Midwest. If you need specific varieties or species you don’t see here, we can special order species and/or mixes for you.

Big Bluestem

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Tall, perennial native bunchgrass
  • Well adapted to varied soil types
  • Stem colors purple-blue as it matures
  • Deep rooted & spreads via rhizomes
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A


Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Tall, perennial bunchgrass 
  • Plume-like, golden-brown seed head
  • Thrives under periodic flooding & burning
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Side Oats Grama

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Intermediate, height (2-3 ft.) perennial bunchgrass
  • Produces purplish, oat-like spikelets on one side of the flowering stem
  • Excellent in mixtures with flowers due to its medium height
  • Can tolerate drought & grazing
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Little Bluestem

Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

  • Attractive moderate height perennial bunchgrass
  • Bluish stems in spring fading to reddish-tan
  • Light, fluffy seed & seedheads
  • Seed 4-6 pls lb/A


Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

  • Moderate height, warm-season perennial clump grass
  • Open, fine-textured seed heads
  • Widely adapted to varying soil conditions
  • Excellent for use as wildlife cover & seed source
  • Seed 4-6 pls lb/A
Cave In Rock
  • Later maturing
  • Good disease resistance for humid areas
  • Selected for Pasture, Hay & CRP

Canada Wildrye

Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

  • Moderate height, cool-season native
  • Short-lived perennial, fast establishing
  • Drooping, rye-like seed heads with large awns
  • Widely adapted & low maintenance
  • Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

Green Needlegrass

Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

  • Short growing, cool-season bunchgrass
  • Likes heavy to medium soils with good moisture
  • High seed dormancy, will sprout over 2-3 years
  • Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

Tall Wheatgrass

Seed 8 pls lb/A

  • Tall, coarse, late-maturing bunchgrass
  • Best adapted to medium soils, fair drought tolerance
  • Excellent tolerance to saline, flooded soils
  • Slow establishment
  • Seed 8 pls lb/A

Intermediate Wheatgrass

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Average height, rhizomatous, late-maturing bunchgrass
  • Good drought tolerance, good adaptability
  • Excellent early growth
  • Well suited for hay, pasture, & wildlife cover
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Slender Wheatgrass

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Average height, short-lived, cool-season bunchgrass
  • Good early growth
  • Less drought tolerant than Western or Crested wheatgrass
  • Well adapted to soils from dry to moist
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Western Wheatgrass

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Short growing, cool-season, sod forming grass
  • Bluish stems & leaves
  • Well adapted to saline, alkaline & droughty soil conditions
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Pubescent Wheatgrass

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Average height, short-lived cool season bunchgrass
  • Similar to Intermediate Wheatgrass
  • Short hairs on seed heads & leaves
  • Better drought tolerance & spreading ability than Intermediate
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Rough Dropseed

Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

  • Average height, rhizomatous, warm-season grass
  • Excellent drought tolerance but less tolerance than Sand Dropseed
  • Upright growth habit
  • Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

Sand Dropseed

Seed 4-6 pls lb/A

  • Long-lived, short growing, warm-season bunchgrass
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Abundant seed production & fibrous root system
  • Not suited for wet soils
  • Seed 4-6 pls lb/A


Seed 8-10 pls lb/A

  • Very short growing (2-5 in.), warm-season perennial grass
  • Good sod formation
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Suitable for lawn use or shortgrass prairie plantings
  • Seed 8-10 pls lb/A

Prairie Cordgrass

Seed 7-8 pls lb/A

  • Coarse, upright, tall growing perennial grass
  • Excellent tolerance to wet & occasionally flooded soils
  • Vigorous rhizomes & aggressive spreading habit
  • Seed 7-8 pls lb/A

Virginia Wildrye

Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

  • Moderate height, cool-season native
  • Short-lived perennial, fast establishing
  • Upright, awnless seed heads
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A

Blue Grama

Seed 6-8 pls lbs/acre

  • Warm-season tufted perennial grass
  • Native to short & tall grass prairies
  • Can grow up to 18 in. tall
  • Bunchgrass that can form open sod mats
  • Seed 6-8 pls lb/A
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