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Native & CRP Mixtures

At Albert Lea Seed, we carry a selection of native seed mixes that meet MN and IA NRCS requirements for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), CREP seeding, filter strip plantings, and landscaping projects. Our native seed comes from Midwest growers and processors and is well adapted to the growing conditions of the Upper Midwest. These mixtures are commonly stocked, but please call ahead before picking up or ordering.  If you need mixtures for other states or conservation programs not listed here, call us for special order or custom mixing. 

MN CP2 / CP23 / CP28 Mix

  • For establishing and maintaining cover to protect soil and water resources on land retired from ag production
  • Reduces soil erosion and sedimentation, improve water quality, and create or enhance wildlife habitat

MN CP25 / IA CP25 Mix

  • For Restoring tallgrass prairie plants and associated wildlife species
  • Contains about 10 grass species and 17 forbs. 
  • Ideal for mesic soil conditions.  Available for other soil types upon request
  • Iowa-Minimum of 40 seeds/sq ft; 30 grasses/sq ft and 10 forbs/sq ft
  • Minnesota-Minimum of 35 seed/sq ft; 7 PLS lb/ac of grass, 16 PLS oz/acre of forbs
  • CP38 is synonymous with CP25

MN CP42 / IA CP42 Pollinator Mix

  • For restoring and conserving native plant communities to benefit pollinators, monarchs and beneficial insects
  • 5-8 grass species and 20+ forbs species
  • Blooms continuously throughout the season
  • Minimum of two native bunch grasses to provide nest sites
  • Ideal for mesic soil conditions.  Available for other soil types upon request

IA CP23 Mix

  • Grass & Forbs Mix adaptable to wet or hydric soil conditions
  • Commonly used for IA wetland restoration projects
  • Synonymous with IA CP25 Wet/Hydric Mix

MN CP21 Buffer Strip Mix

A native grass mix to meet NRCS CRP guidelines.

  • Formulated to meet NRCS Buffer Strip requirements
  • Controls soil erosion by wind & water
  • Improve soil quality
  • Improves water quality by removing sediment, fertilizer, pesticides, pathogens and other contaminants from runoff
  • Enhance fish & wildlife habitat
  • Reduce flooding

Firebreak Mix

  • Mixture intended for planting around edges of CRP plantings
  • A mix of white clover, red clover, alsike clover, alfalfa, perennial rye, redtop and partridge pea
  • Meets the requirements for NRCS Firebreak Mix
  • Intended to reduce the spread of wildfires and contain prescribed burns on CRP acres
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