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Triticale & Other Spring Grains

Albert Lea Seed carries a wide variety of spring grains for forage, grain, and cover cropping. Triticale is a cross between rye and wheat and has the best forage quality of any small grain. Succotash is a mixture of oats, wheat, and barley that is excellent for feed or forage. Flax is an early season broadleaf, which yields seed high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Buckwheat is a broadleaf most commonly raised as a late spring cover crop.
Triticale Agronomic Basics

Buckwheat Agronomic Basics

Spring Triticale*

Use for Forage or Feed Grain

  • Triticale is a cross between Wheat and Rye
  • Dual purpose for grain or forage
  • Good drought tolerance and lodging resistance
  • Provides a higher-yielding alternative to spring oats or barley forage
  • * = Variety Not Stated


Excellent Cover Crop

  • Broadleaved summer annual most often used as a green manure crop
  • Fast establishment, thrives in poorer soils
  • An excellent weed suppressor and soil builder
  • Can produce 2-3 tons DM/acre in 6-8 weeks
  • Grain matures in 10-12 weeks and can yield 800-1500 lbs/acre
  • Not frost tolerant
  • Seed 75-100 lbs/acre after last frost date
  • * = Variety Not Stated
  • NRCS does not recommend buckwheat in conservation(cover crop) planting in rotation with Wheat

Brown Flax

Excellent Livestock Feed Supplement

  • Flax is an annual broadleaf grown for food, feed, oil & fiber
  • Best performance in the drier climates of western MN & the Dakotas
  • Tolerates light frost
  • Drilling in narrow rows provides better competition against weeds
  • Seed 50-70 lbs/acre into a firm seedbed in early spring


Great for grain or forage

  • Our succotash is a mixture of about 40% oats, 30% spring wheat & 30% barley
  • Three-species mix improves yield for both hay & grain
  • Higher protein feed than straight oats
  • Good standing
  • We recommend swathing before combining
  • * = Variety Not Stated
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