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AL Seed Premium Mixes

Big Rack Deer Mix (Perennial)

Seed 18-20 lbs/acre

  • Our own unique mix containing a Red Clover, White Clover, Alsike Clover,  Alfalfa, perennial ryegrass, forage rape & winter rye for a nurse crop.
  • Best perennial mix on the market and bang for your buck
  • Year-long, high energy forage for deer and turkey
  • If fall planting, mow the following spring to keep winter rye from dominating the mix
  • Seed 18-20 lbs/acre; Plant April-May or August 1st-August 15th.

Feather Flush Mix (Annual)

Seed 25 lbs/acre

  • Fast growing mix of Grain Sorghum, Buckwheat, Field Peas, Peredovik Sunflower, & Proso Millet
  • Provides many seed-bearing species in an adaptable mix that can be seeded nearly anywhere
  • Great bird habitat and feed (but also works for deer too)
  • Plant in late spring to early summer for best establishment
  • Seed 25 lbs/acre

Frosty Suite Mix (Annual)

Seed 100-150 lbs/acre

  • High energy blend of winter peas, winter wheat, winter rye, and buck forage oats
  • Deer will go nuts for the peas so we add a small grain to keep them from getting them all at once.
  • This blend will last deep into the early winter with the small grains (wheat and rye) coming back in the spring. High energy for cold months.
  • Add forage kale for richer grazing.
  • Seed 100-150 lbs/acre in late summer

BuckShot Brassicas Mix (Annual)


  • Economical all brassica blend of Forage Rape, Purple Top Turnips, Radish & Kale
  • Top 4 brassica grazing species during the hunting season
  • Will be used heavily after the first hard frost; deer will even utilize the bulbs/taproots throughout the winter
  • Suitable for nearly all soil types
  • Best seeded Late Summer-Early Fall
  • Seed 7-10 lbs/acre
  • Comes packed in a 8lb bag & 50lb bag
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