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AL Seed Premium Mixes

Big Rack Deer Mix (Perennial)

Seed 18-20 lbs/acre

Our own unique mix containing a grazing white clover, Big Rack deer clover, Berseem Clover, medium red clover, winter-hardy alfalfa, perennial ryegrass, forage rape & winter rye for a nurse crop. We think it is the best on the market as it offers more browsable species.  High energy & protein.  
Seed 18-20 lbs/acre; Plant April-May or August 1st-August 15th.

Turkey/Pheasant Mix (Annual)

Seed 25 lbs/acre

Made of fast-growing annuals, this blend offers great ground cover for bird habitat. All species in the mix go to seed, providing plenty to eat for game birds. Contains black oil sunflower, grain sorghum, buckwheat, white proso millet, and field peas. This is the best bird mix on the market today.
Seed 25 lbs/acre; April-June.

Winter Peas/Winter Wheat Blend (Annual)

Seed 90-120 lbs/acre

Deer will go nuts for the peas so we add a small grain to keep them from getting them all at once. This blend will last deep into the early winter with the small grain coming back in the spring. High energy for cold months. Add forage kale for richer grazing.
Seed 90-120 lbs/acre; August 1-September 1. 
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