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Tecomate Mixes

Bucks and Bosses® (Perennial)

4 lb bag plants ½ acre

A perennial blend of white & red clover, birdsfoot trefoil & chicory formulated to draw big bucks and boss gobblers to small woodland food plots with minimal farming effort. A perfect year-round turkey plot, Bucks and Bosses® provides turkeys with great forage, excellent bugging habitat, abundant brood cover and loads of seeds. 
4 lb bag plants ½ acre. Plant April-May or August 1st-August 15th.

Monster Mix® (Perennial)

4 lb bag plants ½ acre

Monster Mix grows and attracts monster bucks like nothing else! You can build your management program around this stuff! Monster Mix comes as close to being the perfect year-round food plot mix as anything on the market. Works best in moist, fertile soils. Berseem clover, chicory, red and white clovers. 
4 lb bag plants ½ acre. Plant April-May or August 1st-August 15th.

Chestnut Bounty® Deer Attractant

Proven to have the fastest response time and be the most preferred attractant we've ever seen.  High in energy, sugars, proteins and vitamins and contains no tannins.  It truly is the ONLY attractant you'll ever need.
5lb bag

Horns-A-Plenty® Mineral Lick

A complete ready-to-use mineral/vitamin supplement that is necessary for antler growth and reproduction.  It is formulated with the latest nutritional technology and made even more irresistible with the addition of Chestunut Bounty, the hottest thing in deer attractants.
12 ½lb bag
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