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Wildlife & Food Plot Seed Varieties

Buck Forage Oats (Annual)

Seed 100 lbs/acre

Forage oats are very cold tolerant and can remain green until temperatures drop to 10°F or below. Deer will dig these out of the snow cover. Contains more digestible protein than corn. Call us for our volume discounts!
Seed 100 lbs/acre from August 15th-September 7th.

Black Oil Sunflowers (Annual)

Seed 5 lb/acre or 1 lb/10,000 ft2

Moderate height sunflower with good seed production for all game bird species.  Plant after all danger of frost has passed.
Seed 5 lb/acre or 1 lb/10,000 ft2; plant 1-2 in. deep. 
Plant May 15th-June.

Sugar Beets (Annual)

Seed 3-4 lbs/acre

A superior attractant, deer love the foliage and the roots of sugar beets. Plant into soil 50°F or warmer. Sugar beets should not be planted deeper than 1 ½ in. 
Non-Roundup Ready Variety.
Seed 8-10 lbs/acre (broadcast) ; 3-4 lbs/acre (drilled) from Mid-April-May.

Austrian Winter Peas (Annual)

Seed 40-70 lbs/acre

Viney, fall-seeded winter annual legume that is great for wildlife grazing. Not considered winter-hardy north of Interstate 90 (MN). 
Seed 40-70 lbs/acre straight from March-April or August-September 15th. 

Deer Plot Corn Conventional

Mix of Non-Roundup Ready Corn

80M bag of mixed maturities with two maturity options
<95 Day RM
>95 Day RM
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