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Antler King Supplements

Trophy Deer & Elk Pellets

Perfect for feeding deer in your backyard, supplementing whitetails on the back forty of for deer/elk ranchers feeding one or one hundred animals.
50 lb bag

Hi-Protein Big Buck Block

Made up of highly digestible grain and protein sources and minimal amount of salt & molasses. When deer are stressed from winter, drought or the rut, the Hi-Protein Big Buck Block can help the deer get back on their feet again.
25 lb block

Trophy Rock Mineral Lick

An all-natural mineral lick containing more than 60 beneficial trace minerals that grow bigger antlers, healthier deer and successful hunts.
12 lb block

Antler Attakk Sport Mineral

An economical protein-based block with vitamins and minerals and enhanced apple flavoring.  High in calcium for growing larger racks and producing healthier deer.
25 lb block