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Organic Nitrogen-Fixing

Organic Mammoth Red Clover*

  • VNS single-cut clover for plowdown
  • Will regrow only as high as it was cut
  • Does not bloom in seeding year
  • Seed 12 lbs alone/3 lbs in mixtures

Organic Yellow Blossom Clover*

  • Very productive, biennial clover for plowdown
  • Can produce 80 to 200 lbs/nitrogen/acre
  • Good scavenger of P, K, and other nutrients
  • Seed 10 lbs alone/3 lbs in mixtures

Organic Crimson Clover* (Out of Stock)

  • Summer annual clover with tremendous biomass production
  • Excellent choice for cover crop or 1-year hay crop
  • Good nitrogen fixation
  • Not frost tolerant
  • Seed 15-25 lbs/acre

Organic Hairy Vetch*

  • Fast-growing winter annual
  • Great fall-planted green manure crop
  • Plant with a nurse crop to ensure winter survival (oats, winter rye, etc.)
  • Reaches full bloom in early June
  • Good hardiness, MN production
  • Seed 20-30 lbs/acre

Organic Austrian Winter Peas* (Out of Stock)

  • Viney, fall-seeded winter annual legume
  • Excellent green manure plowdown
  • Can produce 1-2 tons/acre drymatter and fix 90-150 lbs N/acre
  • Not reliably winter hardy in the Upper-Midwest; plant with a nurse crop for best chance of winter survival
  • Plant August 1 - September 1
  • Seed 25-35 lbs/acre

Organic 4010 Field Peas

  • Cool-season viney legume very well suited for fall planting as a cover crop
  • Tall growing and succulent tissue breaks down rapidly
  • Fixes moderate amounts of N for successive crop (depending on growth)
  • Excellent forage crop  ; will boost palatability and forage quality
  • Seed must be drilled : avoid broadcasting or aerial application
  • Seed 50-75 lbs/acre (in mixture) or 150-200 lbs/acre (straight)
  • Plant August 1st - September 15th
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