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Organic Biomass

Organic Buckwheat*

  • Broadleaved summer annual most often used as a green manure crop
  • Fast establishment, thrives in poor soils
  • An excellent weed suppressor and soil builder
  • Can produce 2-3 tons of dry matter in 6-8 weeks
  • Grain matures in 10-12 weeks and can yield 800-1,500 lbs/acre
  • Not frost tolerant
  • Seed 75-100 lbs/acre after last frost date
  • NRCS does not recommend buckwheat in conservation(cover crop) planting in rotation with Wheat

Organic Tillage Radish®

  • Improved oilseed radish bred for long taproot
  • Can reduce compaction/hardpan, build soil tilth, and mellow heavier clay soils
  • Excellent weed suppressor
  • Good nutrient scavenger
  • Plant 4-10 weeks before a killing frost
  • Seed 6-10 lbs/acre

Organic Winter Rye*

  • The most winter hardy fall-planted grain
  • Excellent competitor with weeds and produces lots of biomass for green manure
  • Will germinate down to 35F & performs better on lower fertility soil than other cover crops
  • Can tolerate sandy, droughty or occasionally flooded soils
  • Excellent feed value as a forage
  • Can be grazed by livestock well into the fall

Organic Annual Ryegrass*

  • An economical choice for fall cover cropping
  • Rapid-growing plant with an extensive shallow root structure
  • Superior soil-builder ; stronger roots than winter rye
  • Mow and incorporate residue via to ensure maximum kill in the spring
  • Plant August 1 - September 15
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre

Organic Cover Crop Oats

  • Economic, fast-growing & competitive cover crop option
  • Oats are fast establishing, cold tolerant and have a vigorous root system
  • Excellent soil building potential in the fall/spring
  • Oats make very good fall cut or grazed forage
  • Will winterkill in the upper-Midwest
  • Seed 3 bu/acre (straight) or 0.5 - 2 bu/acre (in mixture) from August 1st - September 15th

Organic Purple Top Turnips*

  • Excellent use for fall cover cropping
  • Fast establishment and good biomass production
  • Purplish white tankard root grow ½ out of the ground; good nitrogen scavanger
  • Should winterkill in the upper-Midwest
  • Good option for low fertility or sandy soils
  • Seed 5-6 lbs/acre, ¼ to ½' deep

Organic Cover Crop Barley*

  • An economical option for cover cropping
  • Excellent for fall forage and grazing


* Variety not stated.

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