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Non-GMO Soybeans



Highest-Yielding Early Soybean, Clear Hilum

  • One of the highest-yielding early conventional varieties that you can plant
  • Comes south well as a late-planted or replant soybean
  • We have sold this variety for 3 years with good reports from our customers
  • Medium height, very good standing
  • Average protein Yellow hilum soybean with dual-purpose marketability

Viking 1718N (Out of Stock)


Consistent High Yields, Cyst Resistance

  • Outyielded every RR and RR2 soybean in our 2010 5-location soybean trial
  • Widely-adapted with good overall defensive characteristics
  • Field tolerance to Cyst Nematode
  • Widely-adapted across SD, MN, and WI
  • Average protein, dark hilum feed-grade soybean

Viking 2078N (Out of Stock)


One of the Highest-Yielding Soybeans We Have Tested.

  • Consistent high yields 
  • PI88788 for Cyst Resistance 
  • Medium-Tall, Excellent emergence 
  • Black Hilum

Viking 2265


Proven Yields and Agronomic Performance

  • For 5 years, 2265 has consistently been one of the best-yielding soybeans we sell
  • Medium-tall, medium-bush plant with very good standability
  • Excellent emergence, brown hilum
  • Average protein, feed-grade soybean
  • Widely adapted across SD, MN, IA, WI, and MI