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Organic Peas & Pea Mixes

Organic farmers are using field peas as a non-GMO protein source, as a companion with oats or barley for forage, or as a nitrogen-fixing plowdown covercrop.

Organic Succotash*

  • Our succotash is a mixture of well-adapted oats, barley, and spring wheat
  • Well suited for hay or combining
  • Good standing
  • Higher protein than straight oats
  • Should be swathed before combining to allow grain to mature evenly
  • Best results when swathed according to oats maturity
  • Seed 80-100 lbs/acre in early spring
  • Blend 70 lbs of peas with 1 bag of succotash for excellent forage or feed

Organic Oat/4010 Pea Mixture (Out of Stock)

  • Our oat/pea mixture is an approximately 55-45 blend (by weight) of a tall, good-standing oat variety with a leafy, forage pea
  • This mixture is intended for forage or silage only; not suitable for grain
  • When cutting for silage, try to cut when the oats are at the boot stage to maximize forage value
  • Can be underseeded with alfalfa (use the lower seeding rate)
  • Seed 100-200 lbs/acre in early spring, approximately 2 in. deep

Organic Barley/Nette 2010 Pea Mixture (Out of Stock)

  • Our barley/pea mixture is a mix of about 60% dual purpose yellow field peas and 40% Robust barley (by weight)
  • When swathed and combined, this makes an excellent animal feed that has much higher protein than straight small grain
  • When cutting for silage, try to cut before the barley heads out (boot stage) to maximize forage value
  • Can be underseeded with alfalfa (use the lower seeding rate)
  • Seed 150-200 lbs/acre in early spring approximately 2 in. deep

Organic 4010 Forage Peas

  • 4010 Forage Peas are speckled forage peas that produce significantly more biomass than DS Admiral
  • Excellent forage yields and standability
  • Taller than Trapper peas
  • Not suitable for grain production
  • Provides exceptional nutrition when chopped in combination with a small grain
  • Seed 50-100 lbs/acre with 75-100 lbs/acre of small grain for forage

Organic Nette 2010 Peas (Out of Stock)

  • Nette 2010 are a dual-purpose yellow pea with excellent yield potential
  • Yields consistently higher than DS Admiral in University trials & on-farms
  • Slightly shorter than DS Admiral with excellent standability
  • Fast blooming and pod set; good harvestability
  • Seed 50-100 lbs/acre with 75 lbs/acre of small grains for grain or forage production
  • Seed 150-200 lbs/acre straight for grain production
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