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Organic Grass Mixtures

Organic Hay Mix

30% Organic Fleet Meadow Brome          20% Organic Kora Tall Fescue
20% Organic Climax Timothy                 20% Organic Luxor Orchardgrass
10% Organic Smooth Bromegrass*

  • A mixture of improved cool-season grasses well suited for use as an alfalfa companion
  • Well adapted to a wide range of soil types
  • Grasses add digestible fiber to hay & maximize yield potential throughout the season
  • Seed 6-10 lbs/acre with alfalfa or clover, 25-30 lbs/acre straight

Organic Dairy Pro Mix (Out of Stock)

45% Organic Viking 340M Alfalfa       45% Organic Viking 3800 Alfalfa
5% Organic Climax Timothy             5% Organic Kora Tall Fescue

  • A premium quality alfalfa & grass mixture formulated to support the high energy & nutritional demands of dairy cattle
  • Excellent yield potential for hay, baleage, or silage
  • Fast re-growth after cutting; excellent persistence
  • Well adapted to most soil types
  • Seed 18-20 lbs/acre

Organic Graze & Chop Mix

15% Organic Fleet Meadow Brome               15% Organic Perun Festulolium
15% Organic Calibra Perennial Ryegrass        10% Organic Annual Ryegrass*
20% Organic Viking 340M Alfalfa                  10% Organic Medium Red Clover*
15% Organic Climax Timothy

  • A diverse mixture of improved legumes & grasses designed to maximize gain & improve pasture production for all classes of grazing livestock
  • Grasses are highly palatable and create a balanced ration in the field
  • No need for a cover crop; annual ryegrass acts as the nurse crop
  • Not the best fit for overly sandy or droughty acres
  • Seed at 20-25 lbs/acre

Organic Renovator Mix

20% Organic Annual Ryegrass*                   30% Organic Perun Festulolium
30% Organic Calibra Perennial Ryegrass        20% Organic Medium Red Clover                           
  • Fast establishing mixture will boost productivity in thinned out hay fields or pastures
  • Will persist for 1 - 2 years ; not a good fit for long-term extension of hay or pasture land
  • Very high yield, especially in spring and fall
  • High energy ryegrasses add superior quality to the mix
  • Seed at 15-30 lbs/acre

Organic Pasture Mix

30% Organic Smooth Bromegrass*          20% Organic Laura Meadow Fescue
15% Organic Perun Festulolium                  10% Organic Calibra Perennial Ryegrass
10% Organic Climax Timothy                       10% Organic Annual Ryegrass*

  • All grass mixture of improved grasses well suited for grazing & cutting
  • Well adapted to a wide range of soil types
  • Mix in organic clover or alfalfa for a balanced pasture
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre straight, 5-25 lbs/acre with a legume or legume mix.

Organic Buffer Strip Mix

30% Organic Smooth Bromegrass*                            30% Organic Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
15% Organic Tomasa Perennial Ryegrass                 15% Organic Kora Tall Fescue

  • Made specifically for buffer strips along organic fields
  • Long-term persistence and adaptability to varied soil types
  • Well suited for high fertility soils
  • Plant March-April
  • Seed 10 - 30 lbs/acre
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