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Other Organic Clover & Legumes

Alsike Clover Agronomic Basics

Organic Alsike Clover*

  • Very productive and fast establishing
  • Great fit for wet soils
  • Handles low pH soils (down to 5.0)
  • Seed 10 lbs alone / 3 lbs in mixtures

Organic Mammoth Red Clover*

  • VNS single-cut clover for plowdown
  • Will regrow only as high as it was cut
  • Does not bloom in seeding year
  • Seed 12 lbs alone/3 lbs in mixtures

Organic Yellow Blossom Clover*

  • Very productive, biennial clover for plowdown
  • Can produce 80 to 200 lbs/nitrogen/acre
  • Good scavenger of P, K, and other nutrients
  • Seed 10 lbs alone/3 lbs in mixtures

Organic Sainfoin* NEW!

  • Deep-rooted, drought resistant forage legume 
  • Best use as a pasture legume or single-cut hay crop
  • Non-bloating, excellent quality & palatability
  • Hollow stems, many leaflets
  • Not as winter hardy as alfalfa
  • Not suitable for flooded or wet soils
  • Seed 30-40 lbs/acre straight ; 2-5 lbs/acre in a mix