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Organic Annual Forages

Organic Viking O-200 BMR Sorghum/Sudangrass

Gene 6 BMR; Best for Bailing

  • Superior quality forage with increased tillering and rapid growth
  • Excellent palatability and highly digestible
  • Dry stalk gene improves drydown for bailing
  • Gene 6 Brown Mid-Rib sorghum sudangrass variety
  • Brown Mid-Rib gene enhances fiber digestibility and lowers overall plant lignin
  • Faster drying, better than Blackhawk for dry hay or haylage
  • To avoid prussic acid poisoning, allow young plants to grow taller than 24'' and avoid pasturing for 2 weeks after frost
  • Drill or broadcast 25-35 lbs/acre after danger of frost

Organic BMR Sudangrass* -NEW!

Fine Stemmed & Faster Drying

  • Fast growing hybrid annual grass for forage production
  • Brown Mid-Rib (BMR) gene for enhanced digestibility & increased quality
  • Finer quality than Sorghum/Sudan and finer stemmed
  • Can be used for dry hay, grazing, silage, and green chop
  • Cut before heading for best forage quality; leave 6-8'' of stubble for regrowth
  • Drill or broadcast 10-25 lbs/acre after danger of frost
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