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Japanese Hulless

Still being sold by several companies. The original hulless popcorn. Small kernels pop up with no hard centers. Maturity depends on what company is selling this.

Cutie Pops

100 day C.R.M.

Multicolored miniature popcorn. Small 4-inch ears are suitable for decorating or may be shelled and popped for some wonderful tasting popcorn.

Cutie Blue

100 day C.R.M.

Unique blue, uniform 4 inch ears of popcorn. Locally produced and sold nation wide. Must be isolated from other corns to keep the beautiful blue pure.

Cutie Pink

100 day C.R.M.

Just like Cutie Blue except it is really pink in color.

Robust 1287YH

110 day C.R.M.

Yellow popcorn with rapid emergence, sturdy plants and large ears. Deep kernels shell easily. High yielding and high popping expansion. Hulless also.

Robust 98114W

110 day C.R.M.

Hull-less white popcorn that will pop up into tender crisp flakes. Medium size kernels, sturdy stalks and high yielding make this variety worth considering.
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