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Organic & Untreated Sweet Corn

Bodacious UNT (SE)

72 day C.R.M.

A very popular all-yellow sweet corn hybrid. Eat it, can it, freeze it! Versatile, high yielding sweet corn that can be planted just about anywhere. Hearty plant with sweet tender kernels and nice ear size.  Grows well in organic & conventional systems.  Available as conventional, untreated seed.  Coated with PC+NB.

Luscious UNT (TSW)

75 day C.R.M.

An excellent bi-color with table sweet eating quality.  Plant height 75 inches.  Good germination & emergence in cooler soils.  Average ear is 8 in. with 16-18 kernel rows.  Conventional, Untreated. Coated with PC+NB
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