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Organic Cover Crop Mixes

Organic Plowdown Blend CC9

Our most popular blend

  • Our most popular plowdown mixture
  • Well adapted to varying soil types
  • 25% Hardy Alfalfa, 25% Medium Red Clover, 25% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover, 25% Alsike Clover
  • Seed 12-15 lbs/acre

Organic NitroMax CC1

Oats + Peas + Tillage Radish

  • Cover crop blend of organic oats, organic field peas and organic Tillage Radish
  • Designed for maximum green manure production in the fall
  • Mix will winterkill in the Upper-Midwest
  • Will succeed on a variety of soils and provide numerous benefits both above & below ground
  • Can be hayed or grazed in the fall
  • Plant August 1st - September 15th
  • Seed 75-125 lbs/acre

Organic WinterMax CC3

Winter Rye + Hairy Vetch + Tillage Radish

  • Cover crop mix of organic winter rye, organic hairy vetch, & organic Tillage Radish
  • Winter rye and hairy vetch survive the winter, providing excellent soil coverage both in the fall and spring
  • Maximizes green manure production and N fixation
  • Very good biomass production in the spring
  • Mix can be grazed in the spring or fall
  • Plant August 1st - September 15th
  • Seed 50-75 lbs/acre

Organic ValueMax CC2

Ryegrass + Tillage Radish + Medium Red Clover


  • Cover crop blend of organic annual ryegrass, organic Tillage Radish, and organic medium red clover
  • Designed for quick coverage, good biomass accumulation and overwintering (if clover is planted on time)
  • If mix is applied from August 1st - August 15th the clover should get adequate growth for winter survival and spring plowdown
  • Annual ryegrass and Tillage Radish will winterkill in the Upper-Midwest
  • Excellent fit after corn silage, small grains, sweet corn, or vegetables
  • Good candidate for aerial application
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre from August 1st - September 15th

Organic CultivationMax CC8

Ryegrass + Alsike + Medium Red + Alfalfa + Radish

  • Cover crop blend of organic annual ryegrass, organic mammoth red clover , organic alsike clover and organic hardy alfalfa
  • Mix of shade-tolerant species designed to be broadcast into standing crops at last cultivation
  • Seed will emerge and remain semi-dormant until cash crop begins dying back
  • Should not interfere with harvest machinery
  • Try to time seeding with a forecasted rain
  • Avoid overly droughty or sandy acres
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre

Organic SummerMax CC6

Buckwheat + Corn + Soybeans + Proso Millet

  • Warm-season cover crop mix blended for maximum summer growth, weed suppression and soil building
  • Good combination of summer annual broadleaves, grasses & legumes
  • Ideal for summer fallow soil building, prevent plant situations or as a diverse grazing/forage mixture
  • Suitable for all soil types and field situations
  • Control mixture at first sign of buckwheat flowers to prevent volunteer seed
  • Plant May 30th - August 15th
  • Seed 50-75 lbs/acre at ½ to 1 in. deep
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