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Grass-Only Mixes

At Albert Lea Seed, we make a variety of grass and forage mixes to suit any need, feed any livestock, and fit any field. Our mixes have been carefully developed through consultation with farmers, university researchers, and industry professionals. We can also work with you to create a custom mix tailored to your exact specifications and farm needs. 
Note: Mix composition & species may change according to availability.

Pasture and Hay Grass 1 Mix

15% Smooth Bromegrass*
15% Meadow Fescue*
20% Sierra Perennial Ryegrass
15% Cowgirl Tall Fescue
20% Spring Green Festulolium
15% Fleet Meadow Brome
  • Economical blend of grasses well suited for haying or grazing
  • Can be seeded alone or in combination with alfalfa, clover or other legumes
  • Good early season & summer production 
  • Best suited for long-term pasture
  • Great tonnage for hay but will be slower to dry
  • Avoid overly dry or droughty soils
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre straight or 5-25 lbs/acre in a mix with legumes

Pasture and Hay Grass 2 Mix

40% STF-43 Tall Fescue Blend
30% Hakari Alaskan Bromegrass

30% HLR Orchardgrass
  • Mix of improved grass varieties with superior persistence & production 
  • Excellent palatability and consistent production throughout the season 
  • Best suited as a high quality companion with alfalfa 
  • Cut mixed hay stands based on grass maturity to achieve maximum quality 
  • Avoid heavy, poorly drained soils 
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre straight or 5-10 lbs/acre in a mix with legumes

Renovator Mix

40% Spring Green Festulolium
15% Hakari Mountain Bromegrass
15% Annual Ryegrass*
15% Echelon Orchardgrass
15% Tetlia Italian Ryegrass*

  • Designed to boost production in hay fields and pastures
  • Fast establishing, high quality
  • Mix will persist for 2-3 years
  • Not suited for long-term pasturage or hay production
  • Overseed into thin hay stand and/or pastures.
  • Seed 10-30 lbs/acre. Determine seed needs by visually evaluating your stand. If stand is at 50%, then seed 50% of full rate.

Dan Patch Horse Pasture Mix

20% Ginger Grazing Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Concerto Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Barolex Tall Fescue
15% HDR Meadow Fescue
10% BG 24T Perennial Ryegrass
10% Climax Timothy
10% Annual Ryegrass*
  • Provides excellent quality pasture for the horse owner all year long
  • Grasses selected to handle close grazing habits of horses & other livestock
  • Best suited for medium to heavy soils; avoid seeding on sandy soils
  • Continuous horse stocking will require annual reseeding
  • Seed 30-35 lbs/acre

Shady Pasture Mix

20% HLR Orchardgrass
15% Barolex Tall Fescue
15% Tetelia Italian Ryegrass*
15% Chewing Fescue*
15% HDR Meadow Fescue Blend
10% Creeping Red Fescue*
10% Hard Fescue*

  • Composed of shade-tolerant pasture grasses for tree lines or under groves
  • Designed for areas that receive less than 3 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • For increased productivity, add 2-5 lbs white clover
  • Heavy traffic and/or dense shad may require frequent reseeding
  • Seed 25-35 lbs/acre  

Waterway Mix

20% Smooth Bromegrass*
15% Fleet Meadow Brome
15% Sierra Perennial Ryegrass
15% Meadow Fescue*

10% Fawn Tall Fescue
10% Concerto Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Annual Ryegrass*
5% Climax Timothy

  • Our most versatile, diverse and adaptable grass mix
  • High species diversity ensures consistent performance across variable soil & field conditions
  • Long-lived & persistent
  • No need for a cover crop; Annual Ryegrass acts as a cover crop in the mix
  • Best used in waterways, ditches, construction projects or as a cheap permanent pasture mix
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre 

NRCS Waterway Mix

67% Smooth Bromegrass*
13% Linn/Sierra Perennial Ryegrass
20% Climax Timothy
  • Waterway mix specially formulated to meet FSA/NRCS specifications
  • Approved for use in most counties in IA/MN/WI
  • Best used in waterways, ditches, permanent pasture, and construction projects
  • Mix in one bushel of oats as a cover crop
  • Well adapted to most soil types
  • Seed 20-25 lbs/acre

Milkway Mix

60% HDR Meadow Fescue
40% STF-43 Tall Fescue Blend

  • Highly digestible, effective fiber mix for improved butterfat & milk yields
  • High energy grasses confer excellent persistence and palability
  • Can be utilized as an alfalfa companion, an all-grass hay mix or mix in additional grass species & legumes for a balanced pasture
  • Cut mixed hay stands based on grass maturity to achieve maximum quality 
  • Well adapted to most soil types
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre straight or 5-10 lbs/acre in a mix with alfalfa or legumes
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