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Grass-Legume Mixes

At Albert Lea Seed, we make a variety of grass and forage mixes to suit any need, feed any livestock, and fit any field. Our mixes have been carefully developed through consultation with farmers, university researchers, and industry professionals. We can also work with you to create a custom mix tailored to your exact specifications and farm needs. 
Note: Mix composition & species may change according to availability.

Haymaker Mix

75% Viking 3100 Alfalfa
15% Climax Timothy
10% Ruby Brand Red Clover
  • Productive & economical alfalfa, grass & clover blend 
  • Designed for medium length rotations
  • Best suited for haylage or baleage. Add additional grasses for dry hay
  • Red clover may slow drydown
  • Best suited for well-drained soils; can handle wetter ground better than Beef Pro
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre

Holstein Pro

45% Viking 330M Alfalfa
45% Viking 372HD Alfalfa
5% HLR Orchardgrass
5% STF-43 Tall Fescue Blend
  • Premium mixture formulated to support high energy & nutritional needs of lactating cattle
  • High yield potential; fast re-growth
  • Excellent winterhardiness and disease resistance
  • Best suited for haylage, baleage & dry hay
  • Add in additional grass for a super grazing blend
  • Well adapted to most soil types
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre

Beef Pro

45% Viking 330M Alfalfa
45% Viking 3100 Alfalfa
5% Climax Timothy
5% Echelon Orchardgrass
  • Our best selling hay mixture
  • Blend of two good alfalfa varieties with a touch of grass to improve yield & promote drydown
  • Best suited for haylage, baleage, & dry hay
  • Add more grass for a balanced pasture mix for beef cattle
  • Well adapted to most soil types
  • Seed 15-20 lbs/acre

Graze and Chop

Specially formulated mix of high quality alfalfa, clovers & grass species bred to withstand grazing pressure & hoof traffic for all types of grazing livestock. Great mix for pasture or high energy baleage. Persistent & long-lived and well adapted to varied soil types and field topography. Seed 15-20 lbs/acre.

Graze & Chop Mix

  • 20% Foregrazer V Alfalfa
  • 25% Spring Green Festuolium
  • 15% Fleet Meadow Brome
  • 10% Linn Perennial Ryegrass
  • 10% Annual Ryegrass*
  • 10% Climax Timothy
  • 10% Ruby Brand Red Clover

Super Grazing Mix

20% BG24T Perennial Ryegrass
15% HDR Meadow Fescue
15% Ginger Grazing Bluegrass
2.5% Birdsfoot Trefoil*
2.5% Alice White Grazing Clover
15% Smooth Bromegrass*
15% Spring Green Festulolium
10% Barolex Tall Fescue
 5% Chicory*

  • High quality, long lasting mix with Chicory
  • Wide variety mix will increase production during hot summer months
  • Species diversity creates healthier, more resilient pastures
  • Best suited for long-term pasture for all classes of livestock
  • Avoid overly dry or droughty soils
  • Seed 25-30 lbs/acre straight

Laugh & Grow Fat Hog Pasture Mix

Quick Spring Start for Summer Forage

  • Hogs relish this mixture, which also can be used for cattle and sheep. 
  • Mix of cool- and warm-season annual species for a quick start in the spring
  • Provides grazing throughout the summer
  • Contains leafy, Hybrid Piper Sudangrass, 4010 Forage Field Peas, Annual Ryegrass and Barkant Forage Rape (an improved variety of forage rape)
  • Best Use: managed grazing, with rest periods of about three weeks between grazing cycles
  • Seeding: 20 lb/A with 2 bu. of oats
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