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Pure & Ultra Pure Hybrids

Viking Pure & Ultra Pure Hybrids
We understand that the purity of your seed corn is extremely important to those of you who are growing grain for a non-GMO grain purchaser.  You can't grow non-GMO grain if the seed you plant already contains high levels of GMOs.  For that reason, we offer select Viking hybrids with two guaranteed purity levels.  If you need PURE or ULTRA PURE Viking Seed corn, please request it at the time you order your seed.

74-93 -NEW! (Out of Stock)

93 day C.R.M.

Impressive Yield, Grain Quality, and Drought Tolerance

  • Artesian Drought Tolerance from Syngenta: Maximize Yield When it Rains, Increase Yield Up to 15% When It Doesn't
  • High test weight hybrid with excellent grain quality
  • Excellent stalks and roots
  • Tall grain hybrid that could double as an early silage hybrid
  • Widely adapted east-west across ND, SD, MN, WI, and MI
  • Does move south as an early hybrid
  • Available as a 'Pure' hybrid for Non-GMO contracts


95 day C.R.M.

Robust, Healthy, High-Yielding

  • Exciting conventional genetics that combine very high yield potential with very good agronomics
  • Shorter hybrid with very good stalk and root strength
  • Good overall plant health with good tolerance to Goss’ Wilt
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Widely adapted across SD, MN, WI, northern IA, and MI
  • Best yield performance at medium to high populations
  • Available as a 'Pure' hybrid for Non-GMO contracts


101 day C.R.M.

Our Best-Selling Hybrid

  • Proven yield power and excellent agronomics
  • Competes favorably with any stacked trait hybrid in its maturity
  • Attractive medium-tall plant with very good stalk and root strength
  • Semi-flex ear with very good test weight grain
  • Very good tolerance to Goss' Wilt, above average tolerance to Gray Leaf Spot
  • Very good overall plant health and fall intactness for a conventional hybrid
  • Our best selling hybrid for 4 years
  • Tends to produce large seed
  • Available as a 'Pure' hybrid for Non-GMO contracts


103 day C.R.M.

High Yielding Workhorse

  • Outstanding yield potential, competing well with the leading traited hybrids in this maturity
  • Broadly adapated to a wide range of soil types and populations
  • Medium-short hybrid allows for easier residue management
  • Excellent drought stress tolerance
  • Very strong stalks and roots help keep it standing well into the fall
  • Good disease resistance with a watch out on fields with a history of Goss's Wilt
  • Available as Viking Ultra-Pure (99.9% GMO-Free)

58-04 -NEW!

104 day C.R.M.

Raise the Yield Bar With Brand-New, Unique Genetics

  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Tall, healthy hybrid
  • Above average tolerance to NCLB and Goss' Wilt
  • Semi-flex ear with good quality grain
  • Moves South well
  • Taller hybrid, manage fertility for timely harvest
  • Available as a 'Pure' hybrid for Non-GMO contracts


106 day C.R.M.

Excellent Yield Potential, Very Good Late-Season Intactness

  • Excellent yields in 4 years of testing and 2 years on-farm
  • Very good overall health package against Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot
  • Medium-tall hybrid with very good fall intactness
  • Very good ear flex
  • Excellent grain quality
  • Not currently available with any traits; unique genetics to Viking Seed
  • Input Saver Hybrid
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