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Organic Red Clover

Organic Freedom Red Clover -NEW!

Highest Yielding for Hay/Silage

  • Exceptional yielding red clover from Barenbrug
  • Tremendous dry matter/silage production
  • Fine stemmed, fast drying
  • Excellent choice for hay
  • Not as winter hardy as Manitoba or Medium Red*
  • Will out-yield all other red clovers in 1st year

Organic Manitoba Medium Red Clover

Winter Hardy

  • Improved Organic Red Clover equivalent to Arlington
  • Selected under organic field conditions for multiple breeding years
  • More persistent and longer lived than VNS Medium Red
  • Good disease resistance to root & crown rots
  • Widely adapted to a wide range range of soil types, growing conditions and climates
  • Seed 8-12 lbs/acre alone; 2-5 lbs/acre in a mix

Organic Medium Red Clover*

Hay, Pasture, Plowdown, Silage

  • VNS multi-cut red clover
  • Better than alfalfa on wet or acidic soils
  • Very fast establishment
  • Excellent choice for forage production or plowdown/green manure crop
  • Seed 12 lbs/acre alone or 3 lbs/acre in a mix

Organic Medium Red Clover/Yellow Blossom*

Up to 5% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

  • VNS Medium Red Clover with up to 5% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
  • Good choice for plowdown / green manure
  • Seed 12 lbs/acre alone
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold
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