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Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat

Hard Red Spring (HRS) Wheat used to be confined to Western dryland states but new disease-resistant varieties and improved management techniques have made spring wheat a viable and profitable crop in the Upper Midwest. HRS Wheat is planted early in the spring and yields higher test weight and higher protein grain than Hard Red Winter Wheat. We source high yielding, good standing, and disease resistant varieties from University and private breeding programs to maximize returns for growers in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.
Spring Wheat Agronomic Basics

Organic Glenn Spring Wheat

Highest Protein Grain


  • Highest possible rating for baking quality
  • Excellent test weight and protein
  • Best available scab tolerance with excellent tolerance to both leaf and stem rusts
  • Consistent high yields 
  • Excellent standing; “strong” straw strength rating from U of MN
  • Good choice for fertile soils or farms located south and/or east of the usual HRSW growing areas
  • Glenn is notoriously difficult to thresh

Organic Forefront Spring Wheat

High Yielding


  • High yielding variety from SDSU
  • Excellent test weight and a leader in grain protein
  • Early maturing
  • Tall growing semi-dwarf variety, watch fertility levels on heavier soils or soils with manure applications
  • Good straw strength
  • Moderate resistance to Fusarium Head Blight (Scab), Leaf Rust & Stem Rust
  • Good fit for hotter, drier growing conditions

Organic Bolles Spring Wheat -NEW!

Yield + Quality

  • New benchmark wheat from U of MN comprising competitive yield potential with good protein and quality
  • Clear leader in grain protein and baking desirability amongst Midwestern wheat varieties
  • Direct replacement for RB07
  • Very good disease resistance package
  • Moderate resistance to fusarium head blight (scab)
  • Medium-late maturity
  • Average straw strength (equivalent to Prosper)
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