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Other Organic Spring Grains

Organic Brown Flax*

Dryland Third Crop

  • Flax is an annual broadleaf grown for food, feed, oil, and fiber
  • Produces high-oil seed rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Best performance in the drier climates of western MN and the Dakotas
  • Tolerates light frost
  • Drilling in narrow rows provides better competition against weeds
  • Seed 50-70 lbs/acre into a firm seedbed in early spring

Organic Spring Triticale*

Economical Forage

  • Tall, leafy triticale for forage or silage
  • Versatile with wide cutting window
  • Good drought tolerance & lodging resistance
  • Provides higher yielding alternative to barley & spring oat forage
  • Highest forage quality of any of the small grains

Organic Emmer Wheat -NEW!

Ancient Grain

  • Emmer is an ancient relative of wheat and was one of the grains first domesticated in the fertile crescent of the near east
  • Emmer is planted with the hull on in order to maximize the seedlings natural development
  • Emmer should not be planted on deep rich soil, as it will tend to grow tall and lodge before harvest is possible
  • Drill or broadcast 100 lbs/acre in the top 1 in. of soil early in the spring (when you would plant oats or peas)
  • Hulled Emmer is a big, rough seed and not all drills will plant it
  • Though some food processors accept hulled Emmer, do not plant Emmer unless you have lined up someone to de-hull it for you

Organic Trical Surge -NEW!

Awnless Forage Triticale

  • Awnless forage triticale with excellent yields for silage, grazing, or hay
  • Late maturity, giving you a very wide cutting window
  • Excellent forage quality
  • Cutting at boot stage will give you the best combination of yield quality
  • Tall height with good standability
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