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Other Organic Spring Grains

Organic Trical 141

Leafy Forage Type

  • Awnletted variety bred specifically for superior spring forage or silage
  • Tall, leafy triticale
  • Versatile with wide-cutting window
  • Good drought tolerance and lodging resistance
  • Provides higher-yielding alternative to barley and spring oat forage
  • Grows and yields well under tough soil and weather conditions
  • Drill 100-120 lbs/acre in early spring; 1-1½ in. deep

Organic Daytona Sunflower (Out of Stock)

High Yielding Oilseed

  • High-yielding oilseed hybrid
  • Medium maturity, earlier than Sierra
  • Widely adapted to most sunflower-growing regions
  • Short-statured sunflower, good standing
  • Good stalk and root strength
  • Excellent competitor with weeds
  • High oleic oil quality
  • Plant 20,000-28,000 seeds/acre after soils have warmed to 50°F (1 bag seeds 7-10 acres)
  • 200M bags, Size 4

Organic Spring Triticale*

Economical Forage

  • Tall, leafy triticale for forage or silage
  • Versatile with wide cutting window
  • Good drought tolerance & lodging resistance
  • Provides higher yielding alternative to barley & spring oat forage
  • Highest forage quality of any of the small grains
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