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Other Organic Winter Grains

Organic Winter Rye*

Common Winter Rye

  • The most winter-hardy fall-planted grain
  • Can be grazed into the fall
  • Excellent competitor with weeds and produces lots of biomass for green manure
  • Will germinate down to 35°F and performs better on lower fertility soil than other winter grains
  • Excellent feed value as a forage
  • Yields 35-55 bu/acre as grain crop
  • Drill 50-100 lbs/acre; 1 in. deep

Organic NE426GT Winter Triticale

Excellent Grain Yields, Dual-Purpose

  • Excellent dual-purpose Winter Triticale that can be cut for forage or harvested for grain
  • High grain yields, low ergot
  • Medium maturity
  • Moderate straw strength
  • Good winter hardiness
  • Drill 100-120 lbs/acre, 1/2 to 1 in. deep

Organic Fridge Winter Triticale

Awnless Forage Variety

  • Tall winter triticale with excellent forage quality
  • Vigorous early growth and development
  • Strong straw strength
  • Dark green leafy foliage and reduced number/legnth of awns widens the harvest window
  • Excellent winter survival

Organic Wheeler Winter Rye

True Forage Variety


  • Superior forage variety with leafy growth and good winter hardiness
  • Robust fall growth and later maturity, ideal for forage or cover cropping
  • Modest grain yields
  • Excellent biomass accumulation and feed value

Organic Aroostook Winter Rye -NEW!

Cover Cropping

  • Specially selected Winter Rye variety by the USDA in Beltsville, MD
  • Cover crop variety with good winterhardiness for Northern areas
  • Excellent for use as a cover crop after full season crops and for use in organic no-till rotations
  • Good spring recovery and early season vigor
  • Very tall variety, early maturity

Organic ND Dylan Winter Rye -NEW!

Superior Grain Rye

  • New Winter Rye variety from NDSU with outstanding grain yield and winterhardiness
  • Excellent standability
  • Heavy test
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