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Conventional Hybrids


82 day C.R.M.

Outstanding Yield in the North

  • Early maturity with excellent northern adaption
  • Very good root strength and stalk strength
  • Medium-tall hybrid with good overall plant health
  • Best performance on medium to heavy soils
  • Could be used as a dual-purpose silage or grain hybrid

68-86 Artesian

86 day C.R.M.

Next Generation Drought Tolerance
Wow! Yields in the North.

  • Very high yield potential
  • Agrisure Artesian Non-GMO technology provides outstanding drought tolerance across a wide range of soil types
  • Excellent root and stalk strength allows for more harvest flexibility
  • Medium-tall plant widely adapted across the northern Corn Belt
  • Very good late-season plant health
  • Moves south well as an early hybrid


91 day C.R.M.

Excellent for Grain or Silage
99.9% GMO-Free
  • Proven high grain yields across the Northern Corn Belt
  • Outstanding silage quantity and quality in its maturity zone
  • Girthy, semi-flex ears with good grain quality
  • Very good emergence and drought tolerance
  • Best performance when kept north in 90-day corn country
  • Not the best choice for corn-on-corn


92 day C.R.M.

Outstanding Conventional Performance for Grain or Silage

  • Three years of outstanding performance in yield trials and on farms
  • Impressive yields across varying soil types, planting populations, and environmental conditions
  • Strong stalks and roots give you harvest flexibility
  • Very good seedling vigor for early planting
  • Medium-tall plant that has tested very well as a dual-purpose silage hybrid
  • Moves south well as an early or replant hybrid
  • Available as 'Pure' seed for Non-GMO contracts [99% GMO-Free]


93 day C.R.M.

Impressive Yield, Grain Quality, and Drought Tolerance

  • Artesian Drought Tolerance from Syngenta: Maximize Yield When it Rains, Increase Yield Up to 15% When It Doesn't
  • High test weight hybrid with excellent grain quality
  • Excellent stalks and roots
  • Tall grain hybrid that could double as an early silage hybrid
  • Widely adapted east-west across ND, SD, MN, WI, and MI
  • Does move south as an early hybrid
  • Made Grain Millers' 2017 list of accepted hybrids
  • Available as a 'Pure' hybrid for Non-GMO contracts [99% GMO-Free]


94 day C.R.M.

Outstanding yield and agronomics

  • Medium-tall hybrid with racehorse performance
  • Excellent stalk & root strength
  • Fast out of the ground and early-season growth
  • Very good defensive characteristics
  • Outstanding late-season health and standability for a broader harvest window


95 day C.R.M.

Robust, Healthy, High-Yielding

  • Our best-selling hybrid
  • Exciting conventional genetics that combine very high yield potential with very good agronomics
  • Shorter hybrid with very good stalk and root strength
  • Good overall plant health with good tolerance to Goss’ Wilt
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Widely adapted across SD, MN, WI, northern IA, and MI
  • Best yield performance at medium to high populations
  • Made Grain Millers' 2017 list of accepted hybrids
  • Available as 'Pure' & 'Ultra-Pure' seed for Non-GMO contracts [99% & 99.9% GMO-Free]


96 day C.R.M.

Dominant Yields

  • Beat Dekalb 49-72 by 8 bushels in 2017 yield trials (33 locations)
  • Performs well across different soil types, populations, and management systems
  • Strong stalks and roots
  • Outstanding Goss’s Wilt and Gray Leaf Spot tolerance
  • Medium-tall hybrid, good potential for an early silage option


98 day C.R.M.

More Yield, Fewer Problems

  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Impressive overall agronomic performance
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Strong stalks and very strong roots
  • Girthy, semi-flex ear with excellent drydown
  • Widely-adapted across the northern Corn Belt at high to medium-high populations
  • Not a good choice for fields with a history of Goss's Wilt

99-00 (Out of Stock)

100 day C.R.M.

The Killer 100-Day

  • In our part of the country, we're all looking for the next great 100-Day hybrid. We believe it's here
  • Outstanding top-end yield potential with strong agronomics
  • Very strong stalk and root strength
  • Good overall plant health (including Goss tolerance)
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Widely adapted East to West across all soil types and most management systems
  • Very good late-season intactness allows for harvest flexibility


101 day C.R.M.

Still Going Strong

  • 60-01 has been one of our best-selling hybrids, and it is still a customer favorite after many years
  • Competes favorably with any stacked trait hybrid in its maturity
  • Attractive medium-tall plant with very good stalk and root strength
  • Semi-flex ear with very good test weight grain
  • Very good tolerance to Goss' Wilt, above average tolerance to Gray Leaf Spot
  • Very good overall plant health and fall intactness for a conventional hybrid
  • Best when positioned away from wetter soils
  • Available as a 'Pure' seed for Non-GMO contracts [99% GMO-Free]


101 day C.R.M.

Elite Genetics, Elite Performance For Your Better Ground

  • Outstanding top-end yield potential, competes with any elite 100-day hybrid (traited or not)
  • Strong stalks and roots increase harvest flexibility
  • Very good drydown
  • Best performance on medium to heavy soils with good fertility
  • Good overall plant health with above-average tolerance to gray leaf spot

55-02 (Out of Stock)

102 day C.R.M.

246-Bushel Average TOPPED OUR 100-DAY YIELD TRIALS IN 2017

  • Leading-edge yield potential
  • Strong stalks with good late-season intactness
  • Long, flex ears with above-average test weight grain
  • Best performance north of Hwy 18 in IA, and east of I-29 in SD


103 day C.R.M.

High Yielding Workhorse

  • Outstanding yield potential, competing well with the leading traited hybrids in this maturity
  • Broadly adapted to a wide range of soil types and populations
  • Medium-short hybrid allows for easier residue management
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Very strong stalks and roots help keep it standing well into the fall
  • Good disease resistance with a watch out on fields with a history of Goss's Wilt
  • Made Grain Millers' 2017 list of accepted hybrids
  • Available as 'Pure' and 'Ultra-Pure' seed for Non-GMO contracts [99% & 99.9% GMO-Free]


104 day C.R.M.

Robust Hybrid For Grain or Silage


  • 1st place silage yield and lbs milk/acre, 2016 University of Minnesota Silage Trials (Rochester)
  • Outstanding dual-purpose hybrid
  • Excellent digestibility and tonnage ratings for silage
  • Excellent late-season health and above-average height
  • Good stalks & roots
  • Best performance on medium to heavy soils

63-05 (Out of Stock)

105 day C.R.M.

Lots of Yield, Excellent Agronomics

  • Consistent, impressive yield in trials and on farms
  • Large, girthy ears with good ear flex for variable populations
  • Medium-Tall hybrid with excellent root strength
  • Above average tolerance to Goss's Wilt
  • Suited to most soil types but will maximize yield on productive soils under good management
  • Well-adapted east to west across NE, SD, IA southern MN and WI


105 day C.R.M.

Impressive Yields

  • Very high yield potential with excellent response to high management situations
  • Adapted across the Corn Belt in its maturity zone
  • Very good tolerance to NCLB and Goss' Wilt
  • Medium-tall plant with good test weight grain
  • For best management, avoid poorly-drained soils


105 day C.R.M.


  • Outyielded P0589AM by 8 bushels in 2017 (80+ locations)
  • Widely adapted East-West, North-South
  • Very good tolerance to Goss’s Wilt, NCLB, GLS
  • Strong stalks and roots
  • Good tolerance to higher plant populations, with enough ear flex to handle tough ground


107 day C.R.M.

Yield, Agronomics, Grain Quality: You Will Love This Hybrid

  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Very strong stalks and strong roots
  • Widely adapted from east to west across the Corn Belt
  • Excellent stress tolerance, drydown and fall intactness
  • Very good test weight and grain quality
  • Available as 'Pure' seed for Non-GMO contracts [99% GMO-Free]

Fodder 4

108 day C.R.M.

Excellent Dual-Purpose Hybrid

  • Very tall, leafy hybrid with good suitability for grain or silage
  • Outstanding grain yield potential
  • Excellent emergence
  • Semi-flex ear with the ability to yield at variable populations
  • Good overall plant health and staygreen
  • Look for this hybrid in 2017 silage trials


108 day C.R.M.


  • Topped our full-season yield trials in 2017 (253 bushel average)
  • Has averaged 8 bushels more than Viking 49-09 (2016-17)
  • Exceptional tolerance to Goss’s Wilt, NCLB, and GLS
  • Strong roots and stalks
  • Excellent response to high populations and intensive management
  • Good ear-flex and defense for tougher environments


109 day C.R.M.

Outstanding Yield Potential
Strong Stalks and Roots

  • Great combination of yield potential and agronomics
  • Medium-height hybrid with excellent stalk and root strength
  • Great fall intactness allows for wide harvest window
  • Good all-around plant health
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Best yield performance at higher populations
  • Widely adapted across the central Corn Belt


111 day C.R.M.


  • Exceptional test weight and grain quality for milling
  • Consistent high yields in four years of testing
  • Strong roots and stalks
  • Attractive hybrid with very good ear flex and staygreen
  • Very well adapted across eastern IA, IL, IN, and OH


112 day C.R.M.


  • Yields with the best available traited hybrids
  • Medium-tall, healthy plant
  • Outstanding root and stalk strength
  • Broadly adapted throughout the Corn Belt, performs well across different soils types, populations and management systems
  • Very good test weight and grain quality
  • Has shown excellent results in silage testing
  • True white cob hybrid

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