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Red Clover

Red Clover is a perennial legume that is widely adapted and establishes quickly, and tolerates wetter soils better than alfalfa. Depending on variety and circumstance, red clover can persist from 1 to 3 years. A good stand of red clover can annually produce 2-3 tons of dry matter/acre and fix nitrogen at 70 - 150 lbs/acre. Medium Red Clover (or double-cut) is a multi-cut clover, which will recover after each cutting; Mammoth Red Clover (single-cut) is later flowering but will not recover after cutting.

Medium Red Clover*

Forage or Cover Crop

  • Multi-cut red clover
  • Better than alfalfa on wet or acidic soils
  • Very fast establishment
  • Excellent choice for forage production or plowdown/green manure crop
  • Seed 12 lbs/acre alone or 3 lbs/acre in a mix
  • Inoculated with Nitragin Gold (OMRI)
  • * = Variety Not Stated

Freedom-MR Red Clover

High Quality, Fine Stemmed

  • Fine stems provide faster dry down for hay
  • Selected for its tremendous dry matter production
  • Excellent choice for hay
  • Not as winter-hardy as Cinnamon Plus or Arlington
  • Better winter hardiness than Freedom
  • Seed 12 lbs/acre alone or 3 lbs/acre in a mix

Ruby Red Brand Medium Red Clover

High Yields and a Nice Deal

  • Highest yielding red clover we sell!
  • Excellent persistence and disease resistance
  • Fast drying and high forage quality
  • Fast establishment and rapid recovery after cutting
  • Coated with Apex Green Hydroloc (OMRI-approved)
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