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Conventional Soybeans

MN0810 -NEW!


High-Yielding, Yellow Hilum, Above-Average Protein

  • New release from the U of MN
  • Taller, higher-yielding and 2 days later than Sheyenne
  • Much higher protein level than Sheyenne
  • Cyst nematode resistant (PI88788)
  • Good standing
  • Yellow hilum, average seed size

1218N -NEW!


New Conventional Soybean Genetics

  • Very good yields
  • Rps3a gene for excellent Phytophthora tolerance
  • Cyst nematode tolerant (PI88788)
  • Good tolerance to IDC
  • Medium-tall, medium-bush, good standing
  • Black hilum, average seed size



Newer Genetics, Excellent Yields

  • We are excited about Viking 1518N, which has the horsepower to compete with the best available RR2 soybeans
  • Medium-statured, bushy bean that works great in wide rows
  • Excellent yield performance on farms and in trials
  • 1.5 maturity that travels south well
  • Strong emergence and standability makes 1518N a good no-till option



Potential Food-Grade Soybean with Good Yields and Defense

  • Yellow hilum with elevated protein (43.1%, 2015)
  • Good candidate to replace P.92M10 and similar genetics
  • Very good defensive package allows for stronger performance across multiple environments
  • Strong yield performance across SD, MN and WI
  • PI88788 gene for Cyst Nematode protection
  • Very good tolerance to IDC on high pH soils
  • Our notes show maturity to be 1.5-1.6 in 2015



Newer Genetics With Excellent Yields and Agronomics

  • We are excited about 2018N, which has the yield potential to compete with the best available RR2 soybeans
  • Medium-tall bushy bean that works well in wide rows
  • Very strong emergence, ideal for no-till or early planting
  • Excellent late standability throughout the growing season
  • Strong performance moving East in MN, WI, IA, and IL



Outstanding Yield Potential, Very Good Defense

  • Impressive yield potential, keeping up with the best available RR2 beans in our trials
  • Good defensive package with good tolerance to IDC, Phytophthora, and Brown Stem Rot
  • PI88788 gene for soybean cyst nematode
  • Well-adapted to SD, IA, MN and WI



Aphide Resistance (Naturally-Occuring), Very High Yields

  • Excellent multi-gene aphid resistance may eliminate the need for spraying insecticides
  • Same base genetics as 2299N
  • Very high yield potential, competing with RR2Yield soybeans in our replicated testing
  • Taller plant type
  • PI88788 gene for Cyst Nematode resistance
  • Yellow hilum, average protein



Clear-Hilum Conventional That Competes With RR2 Beans

  • Highest yielding soybean we tested in 2013 and 2015
  • Outyielded all the RR2 soybeans in the trial
  • Cyst-Nematode Resistance from PI88788
  • This soybean finished late in 2015 (2.3-2.5)
  • Taller plant that can lean before harvest
  • Yellow hilum, average protein

2322N -NEW!


High-Yielding, Yellow Hilum

  • Higher yielding and 4 days earlier than Viking 2299 in our data (and higher protein)
  • Medium-tall, bushy soybean
  • Very good Phytophthora field tolerance for wet ground
  • Cyst nematode tolerant (PI88788)
  • Yellow hilum, high protein, average seed size

2518N -NEW!


Big Yields from Iowa to Ohio

  • Very big yields from East to West in its maturity zone
  • Medium height, medium-bush plant
  • Very good standing
  • Cyst nematode resistant (PI88788)
  • Good tolerance to Phytopthora
  • Best performance when kept North of I-80
  • Black hilum, average seed size & protein

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