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White Clover

There are several sub-species of Clover with white blossoms. They are all nitrogen-fixing legumes but have different growth habits and uses. Alice White Clover, New Zealand White Clover, and Ladino Clover are all medium-height white blossom clovers most commonly used in pasture grazing mixtures. White Dutch Clover is a low growing, spreading perennial legume that is used in lawns and as a living mulch in orchards, vineyards, or other high-value crops. White Blossom Sweet Clover is a tall biennial clover primarily used by beekeepers. 

Alice Grazing White Clover

Premium Grazing Clover

  • Excellent grazing tolerance
  • Improved variety with large leaves growing up to 12 in. in height
  • Very winter-hardy and quick to establish
  • Excellent production and balance with pasture grasses
  • Seed 6-8 lbs/acre straight ; 1-3 lbs/acre in a mix

    Ladino White Clover*

    Excellent for Pasture

    • Large leaves
    • Medium height
    • Works well in pastures or wildlife food plots
    • Seed 1-2 lbs in a mix
    • Seed 6-8 lbs/acre straight or 1-3 lbs/acre in a mix
    • * = Variety Not Stated

      New Zealand White*

      Better Drought Tolerance

      • Similar growth habits as Ladino
      • Handles drought conditions better
      • Tolerates a wide range of soils
      • Can be sown between row plantings or as a green manure
      • Seed 6-8 lbs/acre straight or 1-3 lbs/acre in a mix
      • * = Variety Not Stated

      White Dutch Clover*

      Low Growing Clover

      • Used mostly in lawns and wildlife food plots
      • Can be used as an inter-row crop in orchards or vegetable gardens
      • Does not grow well in dry soils
      • Seed 10 lbs/acre straight or 1-3 lbs in a mix
      • * = Variety Not Stated
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