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We carry a diverse selection of clovers and legumes for many specialized uses. Alsike Clover thrives in wet and acidic pastures or hayfields. Berseem and Crimson Clovers can be used as a plowdown or as a rapid-growing single-season hay crop. Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover is a superior nitrogen-fixing plowdown crop, especially on droughty soils. White Blossom Sweet Clover is sought after by bee producers for its abundant flower formation. We can also special order specialty legume species for any purpose.
Alsike Clover Agronomic Basics
Berseem Clover Agronomic Basics
Birdsfoot Trefoil Agronomic Basics

Alsike Clover*

Handles Wet and Low pH Soils

  • Very productive and fast establishing
  • Great fit for wet soils
  • Handles low pH soils (down to 5.0)
  • Seed 10 lbs alone / 3 lbs in mixtures
  • Inoculated with OMRI-listed Dormal
  • Seed 1-3 lbs/acre in a mix or 5-8 lbs/acre for a plowdown
  • * = Variety Not Stated

    Frosty Berseem Clover -NEW!

    Fast-growing Summer Annual

    • Can produce up to 4000 lbs/acre of bio-mass and 150 lbs/acre of N
    • Good choice for a plowdown or one year hay crop
    • Seed after danger of frost has passed
    • Does not handle dry ground
    • Seed 12 lbs/acre (with 3 bu oats) for forage ; 15 lbs/acre (with 1.5 bu oats) for green manure
    • * = Variety Not Stated

    Crimson Clover*

    Fast-growing Summer Annual

    • Rapid, robust growth provides early spring Nitrogen
    • Can produce 1500 lbs/acre dry matter and 50 lbs/acre N
    • Has a very showy flower
    • Well suited for most soil types
    • Not frost tolerant, Used mostly in the southern USA
    • Seed 15-25 lbs/acre
    • * = Variety Not Stated

      White Blossom Sweet Clover

      Great for Bees

      • A biennial legume used by beekeepers for its abundant white blossoms
      • Prefers well-drained soils and has no acid tolerance
      • Tall like yellow blossom but is later maturing
      • Seed 8-12 lbs/acre

      Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover*

      Excellent Cover Crop

      • Very productive, biennial clover for plowdown
      • Can produce 80 to 200 lbs of N per acre
      • Good scavenger of P, K, and other nutrients
      • Well suited for most soil types
      • Seed 8-12 lbs/acre 
      • Inoculated with OMRI-listed Dormal
      • * = Variety Not Stated

        Birdsfoot Trefoil

        Permanent Pasture Species

        • Deep-rooted, winter-hardy perennial legume with yellow blossoms
        • Excellent use as a stockpiled pastured forage
        • Does not cause bloat in livestock; holds its leaves well at maturity
        • Tolerant of poorly-drained, saline, overly acidic or alkaline soils
        • Good for permanent pasture
        • Slow to establish; low seedling vigor


        Great for dryland hay or pasture

        • Deep-rooted, drought resistant forage legume 
        • Best use as a pasture legume or single-cut hay crop
        • Non-bloatin, excellent quality & palatability
        • Hollow stems, many leaflets
        • Not as winter hardy as alfalfa
        • Not suitable for flooded or wet soils
        • Seed 30-40 lbs/acre straight ; 2-5 lbs/acre in a mix

        Crown Vetch

        For Roadsides & Ditches

        • Perennial, viney legume with pinkish-white blossoms
        • Typically used for permanent ground cover on roadsides & ditches
        • Very aggressive & invasive once established
        • Seed 20 lbs/acre or 1 lb/1000 ft2

        Kura Clover

        Perennial Pasture Clover

        • Extremely persistent, spreading perennial legume. 
        • Extensive rhizome system allowing it to vegetatively propagate itself and stand up to heavy field traffic and intensive grazing
        • Good for high-use pastures and as a living mulch
        • Very slow to establish (2-3 years) & low seed viability 
        • Available as coated seed, limited availability
        • Seed 6 lbs/acre straight ; can be broadcast or drilled

        Balansa Clover

        Annual Grazing/Cover Crop Species

        • Quick establishing, cool season annual legume excellent for use as grazing or cover crop
        • Grows up to 3' tall with hollow stems
        • Good biomass accumulation & forage quality
        • More cold tolerant than Crimson Clover
        • Can potentially overwinter in the Upper-Midwest (zone 5+)
        • Very high reseeding potential
        • Produces abundant hard seed; control or graze prior to seed set
        • Seed 5-8 lbs/acre straight, 3-5 lbs/acre in a mix
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