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Smooth Bromegrass

Smooth Brome is a long-lived, sod-forming, spreading perennial grass. It is high yielding and palatable, producing leafy, vegetative growth early in the season. Most of its yield comes in the first cutting each year. It is widely used in pasture, hay, and erosion control mixtures due to its excellent winterhardiness and adaptability to a wide range of soil and moisture conditions. Smooth Brome is slow to establish but develops a deep and spreading root system.

Smooth Bromegrass*

Economical and Productive

  • Very persistent and winter-hardy
  • Good early season production
  • Well suited for hay or long-term pasture
  • Slower to establish
  • Seed 2-5 lbs/acre in a mix or 15 lbs/acre straight
  • * = Variety Not Stated