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Mountain/Alaska Brome

Alaska/Mountain Brome is a high-yielding, cool season, perennial bunchgrass. It is an excellent hay grass to seed with alfalfa as well as good component grass in pasture mixes. Unlike Smooth and Meadow Brome, it does not spread by rhizomes, which reduces its longevity. However it has much faster re-growth than the other bromegrasses which makes it a better alfalfa companion. Mountain Brome performs best on medium to heavy soils with good fertility, is fast to establish, and has high forage quality.

Hakari Mountain Brome

Winter-hardy, Disease Resistant

  • From Barenbrug
  • Yields more and recovers faster than Smooth Brome
  • Quick establishment
  • Impressive forage yields
  • Highly palatable
  • Excellent alfalfa companion
  • Non-sod forming, shorter-lived than Smooth Brome
  • Seed 8-15 lbs/acre in a mix or 35 lbs/acre straight